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I'm surrounded by idiots, not clickbait.

Luis' POV

"Hey Dev?" i look down at her as we walk to lunch together, hand in hand.

She looks up at me through her eyelashes and my heart begins to race. God, how can someone be so cute?

"Luis." she frowns.

Oh shit, i was staring.

"What's your favourite number?" i ask.


I sigh. This girl always feels the need to challenge me.

"Just answer the question Banks."

She looks up in thought, pouting a little bit.

"Seventeen." she says after a moment.


"I just think it's pretty when it's written as a word." she shrugs.

I nod. That makes no sense to me, but if it does to her thats all that matters. I need to remember it though.

"Hey guys!"

We turn around simultaneously to see the girl that Dev and Aadhya stopped hanging out with. Mia? Maisie?

I feel Devyn tense beside me and i look at her. Her cheek is hollow from where she's biting on the inside of it.

"Hello Maddy." she deadpans.

Oh, Maddy. That was it.

"So, i'm having a party this weekend, and i thought you guys should come since you didn't make the last one." she says excitedly, looking at me the whole time.

I glance at Devyn, but her eyes are on Maddy.

"Yeah, i guess we'll come." i shrug.

"Great!" Maddy grins at me. "I can give you my number and text you the address if you w-"

"I know where you live Maddy." Devyn cuts her off.

I look at her and her face is expressionless. Gosh, she's hot when she's all jealous.

Maddy glances at Dev as if she forgot she was there.

"Oh... Yeah." she gives her a quick smile. "Okay well, that's great. See ya!" she turns on her heels and returns to wherever she came from.

"Bitch." Devyn says under her breath and i laugh.

"Come on, just ignore her babe." i wrap my arms around her shoulders from the back and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"She's clearly obsessed with you." she huffs as i guide her towards the lunch hall.

"And i'm obsessed with you." i say.

I actually wasn't meant to say that out loud, but she looks up at me and does her cute little pouty face, so it was worth it.

"You're adorable." she says, kissing my bicep.

Everytime her lips touch my skin my stomach does a thousand flips. Fuck, i can't even describe the way she makes me feel.

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