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I've made a decision, but it's a really bad decision.


I'm walking out of Art, about to go to the library for my free period. I glance over my shoulder to see Luis jogging to catch up with me. I turn back around, ever so slightly increasing my pace.

"Why so sullen, Devs?" Luis sings as he drapes an arm over my shoulder. I'm about to shrug it off, but i notice Chris a couple metres away amongst my friends.

"I'm five seconds from hitting you in the balls." i smile up at him sweetly.

"Come on love, don't be mean. Any girl would die to be in the position you're in right now." he says way too cockily for my liking.

He's right though. I look around, noticing all the eyes on us, sly whispers and frowns. If i get ambushed by girls i'm gonna be pissed.

As i scan my eyes across the crowd, i catch all my friends looking in our direction with amused, confused and excited looks on their face. Chris has clearly told them already.

Welp, i guess we really can't go back on it now.

I stop and turn to Luis, pulling him down to me and wrapping my arms around his neck.

He tenses slightly before pulling me in by the waist and returning the hug.

I push the feeling of butterflies to the back of my head as i bring my lips to his ear.

"Come to my house after school." i mumble.

"Moving a bit fast aren't we my love?" he chuckles into my neck.

"Shut up and just be there." i restrict myself from kneeing him in the balls as i break our hug.

"Later Devy." he smirks at me, turning and stalking off in the opposite direction.

I turn around myself, only to see pretty much everyone staring at me either wide mouthed or screw faced.

I lower my head and carry on walking to the library.


The day goes pretty fast since i spent a good amount of it doing coursework in the library, avoiding my friends and skipping lunch.

It's the end of the day now and i can't wait to go home. I'm waiting for Kobe in the car park because Niko has training until 6 and he usually comes to pick her up when i'm staying late studying.

She waves at me excitedly as she steps out the main entrance.

"Hey Bee." i grin at her as she pulls the door to the passenger seat open. It's her freshman year, so it's the first time we've been to school together in while.

"Hi Dev." she sighs, flopping down in the chair beside me.

"How was your day?" i start the car and begin reversing out of my space.

"My day was good. Why didn't you tell me you were dating Luis Pierce?"

I accidentally press down on the horn making myself, Kobe and every near by walker jump.

"What?" i choke, pulling out of the car park on to the main street.

"The whole school is talking about it. You should've told me. He's hot." she fans herself dramatically.

"Bee!" i shove her quickly as she giggles to herself.

"But seriously, why didn't you tell me?"

"I- uh- so what happened was..." i'm cut off as Kobe's ringtone sounds.

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