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Worst case of no batteries included.

Monday. Again. Why are weekends only two days long? I spent Sunday in my room. Quite literally. I texted my siblings to provide me with breakfast, lunch and dinner, occasionally leaving my bed to use the bathroom. My mom came in at about eight pm when she got back from work. Other than my window, i haven't seen the light of day since Saturday.

I'm dreading going to school. My initial plan was to completely avoid my whole friend group in order to stay away from Chris, but it's my friend group! Whatever. After my surprisingly short shower, i pull my hair back into a loose ponytail, not caring about the flyaway curls falling over my face, then slip into the outfit i pulled together beforehand.

 After my surprisingly short shower, i pull my hair back into a loose ponytail, not caring about the flyaway curls falling over my face, then slip into the outfit i pulled together beforehand

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[Outfit inspo]

I yell goodbye to my mom, pick up my car keys from the key dish and leave the house. The roads are really clear since i always leave half an hour early to get my morning coffee. I barely function with caffeine, let alone without it. I acquire said coffee after waiting in queue for fifteen minutes. It was worth it. Sighing, i pull into the school car park. Ugh.

As soon as i leave the car, my day instantly goes from bad to laughable. The first person i see is none other than Chris Peters alongside my friends. What a fucking joke. I duck behind my car as if i'm in some James Bond movie and wait for them to walk into school. Is it too late to go home?

I wait for about thirty more seconds before straightening up and acting as natural as possible as i walk towards the main entrance. The bustle of the kids makes me feel uneasy, so i always play my music at an unbearable volume. Mother nature is playing a prank on me today though, because i couldn't find my airpods this morning.

I'm contemplating going home, but i have art first period which i'm actually really looking forward to. I wait for a couple freshman to move out of the way so i can go to my locker to get my art supplies.


My heart doesn't just stop, it physically tears a hole in my chest, jumps down, grows legs and runs down the hallway.

Not even my organs want to be in this situation.

I turn around slowly to face Chris. His hair is sticking up in every possible direction and i stifle a laugh. The dark bags under his eyes are a great indication that he hasn't had much sleep. I raise my brows at him expectedly.

"Dev, about the other night-"

"I don't wanna talk about it." I give him a tight lipped smile.

The space around my locker has cleared up now, so i turn around, dialling in my code and pulling it open.

"Devyn, i was drunk and--"

"You can never take no for an answer, can you Chris?" i pretty much laugh. I don't get irritated easily, but this man is beginning to piss me off.

I take my things out my locker and slide them in my bag, closing it and walking in the direction of my class.

"Dev wait, i didn't mean what i said." Chris grabs hold of my wrist and grips it firmly.

I look down at it.

"Let me go of me." i frown, looking back up.

"Please hear me out, Dev." he drags me nearer to him as i struggle to pull myself backwards.

"Chris." i plead.

"Devyn just come on." his voice changes now, making the hair on my arms stand up.

I'm about to give in and let him take me wherever he's going, but someone steps in front of us.

"Don't we have art, Devyn?" Luis looks between the two of us.

He's in my art class, which is most likely the direction he's headed in right now.

"Yes." i sigh.

"So why are you being taken in the opposite direction?" he frowns.

Chris tuts, letting go of my wrist. I rub it, pulling my sleeve down to cover the red mark he's left.

Luis glimpses it, then makes eye-contact with me. I shake my head slowly.

"You're beginning to get on my nerves, bro." Chris runs his hands through his dishevelled hair.

"I'm not your bro." Luis deadpans.

"Why won't you mind your business?" Chris raises his voice, stepping closer to him.

"It's my business when you're disrespecting my girlfriend."

My eyes open so wide that they roll out, growing legs and running along to join my heart.

"Your what?" Chris spits in just as much shock. He turns to look at me.

"I knew it! He's why you won't give me another chance? You're such a slut De-"

He doesn't get to finish his sentence, because Luis grabs him by the collar, slamming him into the lockers beside us.

"Watch your mouth." he grunts.

Chris stares at him for a moment, his nostrils flaring. He glances at me, before shoving Luis off himself and storming off in the other direction, punching a locker and swearing on his way. Okay, i know Chris has a short tempter, but i didn't think it was this severe.

"You dated that?" Luis questions, running a hand through his hair.

"Girlfriend?!" i whisper-shout.

Luis lips curl into a smirk as he visibly remembers what he just said.

"Luis why would you tell him that?" i whine, putting my face in my hands.

"Well we can't go back on it now wifey, you didn't correct me."

"I swear to god i'm going to murder you Luis Pierce." i look back up at his face. He's way too pleased with himself.

"Let's walk to art together, babe." he holds out his hand.

"Don't touch me." i mutter, turning on my heels and walking away from him as he chuckles behind me.

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