Chapter 31

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Iris's P.O.V.

I got the phone from the floor and called my Nialler. Why am I still calling him my Nialler? I should probably stop even if it feels nice. He isn't mine. I don't even know what is mine. It's been really confusing ever since the guys kidnapped me.

"Hey Niall!" I sound way to cheery for somebody who just got in a fight with a vampire.

"Oh my god! Iris? Are you okay? I-I mean we have been so worried about you." I walked out of the cabin with the phone. I still caught his little slip and I thought it was cute that he worried so much for me. He is going to get white hairs for my fault. He stresses to much. Good thing he dyes his hair blonde.

"Never been better." It's the truth. I finally got Isaac off of my back and out of my life for good. I win at life. I have the most wonderful best friends ever. They are truly amazing.

"Where is Isaac?"

"Dead. In hell." That's a good explanation. It is exactly where he is.

"You killed him all by yourself? Never mind. Where are you?" He'll hear the story later. First I have to get out of here.

"Out side an old cabin in the woods. If you see smoke in the woods thats where I'm at."

"Smoke? Damn girl. I'll get Frida to take me with you." He sounded surprised that I actually involved smoke into this. What did he think I was not capable of such drastic measures?

"Hurry up though. The woods are creepy." They are. What if a wolf decides to attack me. Wait... Is there even wolves in London? I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.

"Okay." Niall hung up. Yay! He's coming for me! I'm going to leave this creepy place.

Suddenly I heard a weird sound next to me. What's that weird noise? Is it the woods or something else even more dangerous? I turned around to see a bright spot. The spot was so bright I had to look away. Why is the spot so bright? I'm going to go blind! The weird sound had finally quiet down so I turned around again. There stood Frida with an extremely worried looking Niall. That look doesn't go with him. That was quick. I bet they were already ready they were just waiting to see if I was okay and alive. Why is Nialler so worried? I called him not even a minute ago.

"Thank god you're okay." Niall ran towards me and hugged me. Oh god! His hands were holding me tight. His face hidden in my neck. I was trying so hard not to laugh as his breath tickled my neck. My arms were quick to wrap themselves around his waist. His touch was electrifying all over my body and it sent butterflies in my stomach. Whoa. I have never felt like this before. Not even with all of my past boyfriends who I thought were alright. It feels nice to feel protected...

"Yea. I'm alright. Just one slap and two punches, but I'm fine. Nothing I couldn't take." It doesn't sound that bad but those shits hurt like hell. Luckily the pain has gone away.

"I still can't believe you took him down all by your self." Why is he so surprised? I took down Zayn.

"He underestimated me and said I was stronger than most vampires..." I trailed off. I wonder what he meant by that.

"You definitely are. Come on. Let's go home. The guys and Cailin are worried shit less." Right. They are worried shit less.

"Yea, but little Niall over here was worried the most." Frida teased. I knew it! He was worried the most!

"Oh really?" I decided to tease him and raised my eyebrows. A smirk forming on my lips. He blushed and looked down at the floor. Awe! He is blushing because of me! I caused him to blush! Point for me for making a hottie blush. Thank god no one can read my mind or else it would have been awkward...

"Shut up and let's go." He groaned. Frida closed her eyes and took a hold of mine and Niall's hand. My hand fits perfectly in his. I should burst out singing the first verse of Little Things! Nah... That would be way to embarrassing for both of us.

"You might want to close your eyes sugar." Niall requested. Why? Is he going to give me a surprise? I hate surprises. He should know that.

I didn't feel the ground under my anymore. What the actual fuck? I feel sick. It was like if I was flying. Oh! I'm not a happy camper. I don't like heights. I feel like I'm going to fall on the and die as soon as I hit it. Jesus. I shouldn't be thinking about these things. I feel like I'm floating. Why is teleporting like this? Why can't if feel like if I have something under my feet so I won't be so scared right now. The floor suddenly returned. Thank god! Halleluiah!! Praise the lord! Thank you my man! 

"You can open your eyes now." Niall whispered. Thank you. We were in front of the house. How did we get here? Oh wait... Frida can teleport. This all makes sense now. I'm such a dumbass. But I'm not looking forward to another teleporting trip. Those shits are scary as fuck. I think I just crapped my pants. That would not be pretty.


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