Chapter 3

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This chapter is going to be extremely short. And I'm sorry but you'll get it. 


 Iris's P.O.V.

"W-what's going on?" I stuttered, shaking with fear. Wouldn't you if you were trapped in a room with five figures with dark eyes. Are the eyes contacts because I mean you can't have dark red eyes. You can only have brown, dark brown, black, green, blue, hazel, and that type of color that from far away it looks gray but close it looks like bluish greenish. This is really scary. Red eyes remind me of vampires, but they can't be vampires because vampires don't exist. Right?

"It's okay love. Everything is going to be alright. We aren't going to hurt you." A voice that sounded just like Louis said. He touched me and I was immediately cold. Yea. Like I'm going to believe him. He can get me cold with just one touch. Not like that you bloody perverts! Wait... Louis is one of those 5 figures with red eyes. Holy crap. This can't be happening right now. No! Not right now.

"Don't touch me!" I screamed backing away from him only to bump into somebody's chest. Wow... Really that was really smart of me. I bump into somebody when I'm trying to get away from somebody else. Wait... Nobody was in back of me before. What the actual fuck?

"Calm down love. We would never hurt you in any way!" Niall said approaching me. Holy Crap! He is going to kill me! I felt somebody's hands around my waist. Oh my god! It's Toby! Run for the hills bitches! Toby is out for you! Go get Skylyn who is probably having the time of her life right now! I looked up and saw it was Liam. Oh... So it's not Toby. Now I wanted to see Toby! Sorry Sky for giving you up but I know you would have done the same thing.

I tried to get away from his grip. Key word: tried. What do they give him to eat? Concrete? Do they work out every minute that they aren't in a concert? Damn. He has a tight grip on my waist. Not like that you bloody perverts again!  

"Stop! What do you want from me?!" I'm about to have a panic attack. I haven't had one since 4 years ago when I saw my dad slap my mom. Let's just say that I was in a coma for 2 weeks because of this panic attack. Liam froze and frowned. Why the fuck does he always do that?

"We're so sorry love. We didn't want this to happen." Liam tried to explain. Sure because you kidnap a random person and you don't expect this to be their reaction. Is this their first time kidnapping or have they done this before? They look like the type of people who would just do legal things. Well except Louis. He looks like the bad boy from the group. And Zayn. I mean. They smoke weed together.

I can't breathe! Okay Iris. Try to breathe in and out. Potatoes! I'm starting to see black spots. Breathe in and out. In. Out. In. Out. Blink and try to focus on Harry and his pretty eyes and long hair that's in front of you and is probably going to have a panic attack with you. He better not because he can't pass out and not have something to do with this mess. Harry looked like the one who would be against this kind of action but he is going along with it. Also Niall and Liam! They look like the innocent ones! I am so going to blame them after I wake up from blacking out.

Too late! I started to see huge black spots in my vision. The only thing you could hear was the guys yelling at each other, telling each other what to do. Wow. Lads. Very helpful. Suddenly my sight went black and I collapsed onto Liam's arms. Well scratch that out of the bucket list. Blacking out in front of One Direction and collapsing onto Liam' arms. Definitely in my bucket list. Note my sarcasm.

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