Chapter 11

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I love you guys!! I feel less of a sucky writer!! You guys are amazing! What you have done for this book is unbelievable. I can't believe it! It makes me feel very proud of myself! I'm writing this while watching the little mermaid*0* so I'm sorry for any mistakes. I'm always writing while watching badass movies or TV or hearing music... But it just helps me think more for some odd reason... Hope you like this chapter.You guys are the best! ♥❤This chapter is going to be kinda short, I think. Bye!


"In other news. A San Francisco girl, Iris Samaniego, has been missing for 4 days. Last time she was seen was in the One Direction concert by her friend. Iris told her friend, Skylyn Peterson, that she was going to the restroom, but she never returned. If you have any information please call het mother at 323-707-1994. Her family and friends are extremely worried. They are still hoping she is-"

"Turn it off." Niall ordered at one of the boys. What? What the fuck? Why are they going to turn it off.

"No don't! Don't you fucking dare!" I shouted. Reaching towards Zayn who had the remote control. He had his arm stretched the opposite of me. Louis was quick to grab the control. I stood up and tackled him to the couch. We were wrestling for the control.

"What the fuck Iris! Why are you so strong?" He was on his stomach and I was on his back trying to get the control from under him.

"Just give me the damn control and you won't get hurt Tomlinson."

"Never." I was about to tickle him but somebody took me off of him.

"What the fuck! Put me down!"

"Just calm down babe." Zayn said in my ear. Creep.

"You calm down fucker." Zayn placed me on the couch and Liam sat on top of me. Louis was still on the couch trying to control his breath again.

"Iris. Calm down." Niall was looking at me. I closed my eyes knowing that he was trying to control my feelings.

"Liam. Get. The. Fuck. Off. Of. Me."

"I will get off of you until you are calm." I knew I wasn't going to be calm soon so I grabbed Liam by the waist and pushed him off of me. He landed on the floor with a disbelief look.

"I'm calm. Just let me see the TV." I was giving them a glare.

"Sorry. No can do." I let out a scream.


All I could see was the reporter was at the front of my house. You could see my mom being hugged by my big bro, Joshua. Joshua has always been the rock of this family. So Skylyn was actually paying attention to me. I would have never known. But if course that's all I could see before one of the boys turned the telly off. They gotta be kidding me! The least they could do is let me watch my family in TV if they have me stuck in here forever!

What some gentlemen I live with, don't you think? They should receive an award for the most gentlemen this year! Yuppie me! I should get paid for this. It is a lot of work trying to not kill them with a stake. We fell in a awkward silence. They made it awkward! I could have been easily looking at my family on TV but they are assholes.

"We're so sorry." Harry apologized. I nodded my head since I can't say its okay because it really isn't. I mean they kidnapped me. Who the fuck does that? Only psycho people.

I just wish they would let me go home and if I felt like a part of me was missing I would let them know so that we could discuss it and see if one of the is really my mate. I glared at them. They looked frightened. They should be! I am beyond pissed and they don't want to see me extremely pissed. I'll go crazy and knock some shit out.

"Ima go hit the sack now since you can't be kind and let me see my family for the last time." I pointed toward the stairs. I have to think by myself for a while. Let's see if this helps me out in some type of way. Before I choke one of these dudes.

"Okay." They all replied in sync. You know what? They do that a lot. I walked up the stairs and into my room. I lay down on my bed and thought about everybody I loved which really weren't a lot of people because I liked to keep to myself most of the time.

"What has happened to my loves?" Are they actually worried? What has happened with Patrick, the boyfriend I left behind? What about Skylyn, Maddison, and Vicky? Do they want me back if I could ever go back which is highly impossible since I'm stuck with these dorks forever now?

I can just pretend none of the guys are my mate and go back home and invent some story about my kidnappers releasing me because I was worthless. No. I can't. Way down, deep inside of me I know I love all of they guys which is really weird because I don't know them personally.

I just know one of them is actually my mate. I can feel it. Why is life so hard? Why can't I just know what to do? Like look into the future? What should I do? Should I stay mad at the guys forever or just give them the chance they want? They don't seem that bad but looks can be deceiving. I'll think about it later.

I started to cry. I have been crying a lot these past days. I'm a wimp it's official. That my friends, is how you cry yourself to sleep. I really should stop doing that. It won't help me. I need to stop crying and just live my new life.

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