Chapter 24

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Iris's P.O.V.

I was already ready for the date. My hair was curled. I had a high waisted skater skirt, a shirt that said Fuck Love was tucked in it. I was also wearing black tights under the skirt and my black combat boots. I actually put effort in this date. He did say fancy. Once I decided I looked decent enough I walked down the stairs. All the guys were asleep.

Time for a prank. I feel naughty!!  Might be a sucky one cause you know I'm looking hella fine right now so yea. I got ketchup and poured it on my hand and face. I made sure to not to get my clothes and hair dirty.  I would really hate to mess everything up because if I do I would have to get ready all over again.

I went up to my room and poured ketchup along the way to my bathroom. To make it seem like it's blood and it's leading to my bathroom. I lied down on the floor and time for the fun.

"Help! Guys! Ahh!" I fake screamed panically. I heard quick footsteps up the stairs and the hallway. I heard everybody gasp. 

"Iris! What happened!" Niall asked with tears in his eyes. Must keep up with the plan. I started to breathe heavily. But his teary eyes! I can't look... I turn to look at Cailin.

"I-isaac... V-vampires... Poison... Internal bleeding... Threw up blood..." I stuttered. I think saying internal bleeding is too much but meh! It worked.

"Son of a bitch!" Louis roared punching the wall. Ouch. All the boys had angry face expressions. Holy crap! They look really mad. Did I go too far? They need anger management therapy.

"B-bye boys and chicks... I love you." Those were my "last words." Chicks? Wow... How have they not figured that I was acting. Who the hell says chicks as one of their last words?  

"Iris! Iris! Open your eyes!" Harry yelled. Thank god for drama class. I closed my eyes? How? I didn't even noticed I closed my eyes. Must be with the acting or I'm just too tired.

"Please don't leave me." Somebody was now cradling me. I didn't recognized the voice. This is the first. I felt something wet hit my cheek. Is someone crying? Awe! I took this too far! I have to finish this... but we can wait for a little while. Just to see what will happen next.

"I'm going to kill that fucker! He is going to see who I fucking am!" Holy shit. I think I need to get up now.

"Not right now Zayn! We need to focus on Iris!" I heard Frida say. Awe I feel special. It's like I was a celebrity or some shit like that.

"No! I'm going to kill him!"

"Zayn stop." Cailin croaked. Is she the one cradling me? Is she the one crying? I don't like seeing Cailin crying. It's a really bad sight.

"Let me fucking go! I'm going to kill that fucking bastard! Let me go Liam!" I decided that this was enough. He is really mad if somebody most likely Liam is holding him just so that he won't do something stupid. Liam should just let him go! Isaac deserves it anyways. We should just get it over with and then he won't bother us anymore. I just want a happy life with my new family.

"The dead aren't deaf Zayn. Jeezes. Lower it down. I'm trying to rest in peace here!" I broke in. They all looked at me wide eyed. Ha! I wish I had a camera to a take a picture.

"But How. You died." Niall said. He was the one cradling me and crying. I feel bad.

"Faking it. Decided to annoy you guys a little more. You guys need me in your life." I shrugged.

"Fucking Bitch! Don't ever do that again!" Louis said while everybody attacked me in a hug, wiping their eyes. When we broke out of the hug I went over to Zayn and hugged him. I need to hug him personally in like a thank you form. He did go all crazy and said he was going to kill Isaac for me. I think that was really sweet.

"You're aggressive." He snorted at my comment.

"Shut the fuck up. I get pissed when people mess with my family." He said hugging me back really tight. Hey! I'm family now!

"I'll keep that in mind." He smiled at me.

"Don't ever do that again babe. I got scared."

"No promises. I do promise I will get you anger management therapy though." It's the truth. I will always give them surprises so I will not promise them that I will never scare them again.

"Yea. I really need some of those."

"Are you guys done? Iris got get cleaned up we gotta go!" Louis grabbed my shoulders and directed me towards the sink. He turned on the water and waited for me to get clean. Damn he is eager to get this date going on.

"Yes sir!" I saluted. He rolled his eyes at me and dragged the rest of the crew outside of my bathroom. What a drama queen.


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