Chapter 4

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Hey guys!! Umm... From now on some or most of the chapters are going to be short... Sorry but yeah. Well with me editing them. I will be adding more to each chapter and to the book in general. Please read the book after I'm done editing the whole book. Thank you! Hope you like the book so far... I'm trying to make it interesting for all of you... Tell me if I suck okay. I want to know your guy's opinions about my book and how to make it better. See ya!✌✌

Iris's P.O.V.

I woke up on a comfortable couch. Where the hell am I? I looked around the living room. This place is beautiful! What happened? I tried to remember what happened. Okay. I was locked in a dark room; 5 guys that are One Direction with red eyes; I had a panic attack and blacked out. Wait... One Direction! They kidnapped me! Right on queue!

"Good morning sunshine!" Louis chirped. What is up with him? Don't fucking sunshine me.

"Umm... Morning?" I asked. Is it morning? What day is it?

"Morning babe!" Zayn screamed. Chill flawless man! Wait. I'm suppose to be mad at them.

"Morning love." Harry said. At least he is the normal one. He's not screaming like a freak.

"Morning hun!" Liam exclaimed. I thought Liam was the most mature. Guess I was wrong.

"Morning sugar!" Niall yelled. I won't even comment about Niall because he is a ball of sunshine and adorable. Liam gave me a look. What? Do you have a problem? Do I have to beat you up or something Liam? He just kept on staring at me. Do I have drool all over my face? It has happened before. Liam shook his head.

"What up bitches! Now tell me why am I here! And why is Liam looking at me like that?" I retorted panically. I need answers! I need them now!

"Calm down love. We don't need you to have another panic attack. Harry almost had one too. He would've had one if we could still breathe." Liam said while trying to calm me down. He didn't answer my last question which was expected. Wait... Did he just say if they could still breathe? What the fuck? Does he think that I will calm down after what he said?

"What in the world are you?" I asked.

"You aren't going to believe us." Zayn explained. Really dude? I asked you for a reason!

"Just tell me! I deserve to know what you are! You kidnapped me! It's the least you can do right now!" I screamed at them. The least they could do is tell me what they are. I have to know.

"We are vampires." Louis said. Holy Cow! I was kidnapped by vampires. What if they only want me so they can drink my blood! What if they kill me! Wait... What am I thinking? They have to be screwing with me. Vampires don't exist.

"We are real love. We aren't going to drink from you and we aren't going to kill you." Liam rolled his eyes. How did he...

"How do you know what I'm thinking?" I asked.

"Well all vampires have a gift or power. Mine is to read minds. Niall's is to control feelings. Zayn's is to hypnotize. Harry's is to control the weather. Louis's is to heal or give pain and disease." Liam explained. Harry's is to control the weather? That is awesome. Wait... Back to my anger.

"What the hell? Why am I in a house with 5 thirsty, cold blooded vampires?" I asked angrily. The guys looked frightened. They should be.

"Well umm... The thing is that we are looking for our mate-" Harry tried to explain but I cut him off.

"And that involves me because?"

"We all think you are our mate. This has never happened so we thought about kidnapping you and see who your mate is." Louis explained.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I screamed pulling my hair while pacing around the living room.

"Niall! Do something!" Harry shouted at him. Niall looked at me completely focused. Suddenly I felt calm.

"Stop! Stop trying to control my feelings Niall! Liam get out of my head! Zayn don't you even dare hypnotize me! Harry don't you dare make it rain on me! Louis don't you dare give me pain! Or I will kick all of your butts!" I threatened.

"It would hurt if you kick our butts!" Louis retorted. Sassy ey? I'll show him who can be even more sassier.

"Okay. I'll put a stake through your heart!" I chirped. I glared at them. They all looked at me with wide eyes. That's what I thought.

"Oii! We aren't that bad!" Niall defended. Right.

"Sure." I sassed.

"Come on. Don't need to be so dramatic!" Harry cried. And he is calling me dramatic? He is yelling for no reason! I have a good reason! I was kidnapped and taken against my will. What is his reason for being dramatic?

"Just take me home! Find somebody else to experiment with! I don't have time for this bull shit!" I exclaimed. I don't want to be a toy for them. I'm more than that.

The boys looked at each other with a look that said that I'm not leaving anytime soon. Fucking shit.

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