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Whose Mate?       || One Direction Vampire *EDITING* by _Oops___Hi_
Whose Mate? || One Betty Aguirre
What if 5 guys kidnapped you, turned out to be One Direction, and are vampires? Well guess what? That happened to the outgoing 18 year old Iris. The scary part is that t...
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My Mates.....and Me (discontinued) by MegaCrystal555
My Mates.....and Me (discontinued)by aoife
she has a secret. A secret that she doesn't even know.She is 'The Chosen One'. She must pick a side. Her decision Will decide the worlds future. But the question is whic...
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I'm one Direction's mate by cmb1012
I'm one Direction's mateby cmb1012
"LET ME GO!" "We can't!" "WHY?" "YOUR OUR MATE!!" I'm their what?
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KNMVP ( on hold) by Xela57
KNMVP ( on hold)by medicinebitch
Keira Adelina Monro.Loves to sing,loves her family more than anyone.Has 4 best friends;Sunshine,Olivia,Andrea and Natalie.She couldn't ask for nothing more than her perf...
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Hunger :: Larry AU :: by Chelsea_Rena
Hunger :: Larry AU ::by Chelsea_Rena
Harry Styles is hiding a secret, and it's astounding why it hasn't been revealed. He's frightening, he's reckless, he's dangerous. And, to many, he's incredibly confusin...
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Torturing Secrets by EternallyYoursLove
Torturing Secretsby EternallyYoursLove
A dark vampire story starring, One Direction's Harry Styles, featuring the rest of the members: Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. A love that is forbidden can be the great...
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Just One Bite by __bandobsessed11__
Just One Biteby _5SOS_1DLOVE_
As Alex is walking home from work one night she hears a scream come from a nearby alley. Who knew that Alex' life would change forever just by going to see what was the...
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My Secret Lovers (AU One Direction vamps) by TheOppositeOfBlue
My Secret Lovers (AU One Crazy Baby Harley
Kinda slow updates,don't expect one every day. Konner a girl with a dark past but little does she know everything will look up whenever she gets five,hot,unexpected vis...
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Things I Can, Things I Can't by DirectionerGurl_064
Things I Can, Things I Can'tby Adrianna15
Rosalyn Dimphle, or known as Rose, has had it rough ever since she can remember. She's always been picked on since she never worn the right cloths or listened to the sam...
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Life As A Werewolf With My Five Hot Bad Boy Vampire Bullies Who Are 1D by niallsrightnut
Life As A Werewolf With My Five choncena
she was lonely, depressed, fat, anorexic, had no friends, everyone bullied her and used her amdh her parents were abusive and ate alcohol and drugs 👌they always doted o...
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Dusk {Harry Styles vampire fanfiction} by irishieanmofo
Dusk {Harry Styles vampire irishieanmofo
Ordinary Samantha Jones was walking home after her late shift until someone grabbed her. But what happens when she is saved? Who saved her? READ AND FIND OUT. (P.S. don'...
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Who knew?? (One direction Vampire fanfic) by KishanXhidan
Who knew?? (One direction Kishan,Kina,Kimiko,Kagami,Mik...
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Ponder by harryspumpkins
Ponderby L
Harry Styles Vampire A.U. "For as long as he has lived he had never heard a voice as sweet as hers. She was in her home singing, unaware of her single listener. He...
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Midnight Memories by imblondedealwithit
Midnight Memoriesby Andra
I know nothing's making sense, but for tonight lets just pretend. • One Direction is a world famous boy band with a big secret. Carly Lewis and Lauren Blue are two girl...
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A thousand years. by Mialuvesyou
A thousand Mialuvesyou
Young Victoria Edwards at the age of 17 lived on a rather large farm with her mother Elizabeth and father George and two brothers Thomas and George jr. It all changes t...
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Into the Woods by onedzaynsgurl
Into the Woodsby Epic Potato
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What direction do five hot vampires walk? IN MY DIRECTOIN! by helloimchloex
What direction do five hot Chloe Shepherd
-One Direction fanfiction -This is my story, please don't steal! I wouldn't do the same to you.
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Bite me Styles {H.S} by HarryStylesmilkshake
Bite me Styles {H.S}by HarryohyeahStyles
We both moan,until we reached our climaxes. I sighed and wrapped my arms around his neck. His emerald eyes turned into dark,red and his veins are popping out. His cravin...
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