Chapter 28

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Iris's P.O.V.

All the dates went great! I had fun with Liam and won at a bet with tough boy, I kicked ass with Niall and spent time with him in jail, I swam with Zayn and got to splash him in the face, I got to see Harry fall while we were ice skating, and I had an amazing time with Lou and his lame jokes. I thought about who I'm most comfortable with.

Somebody that I know will be with me in thick and thin, will never judge my weirdness, and somebody that will make me have a laugh and feel special. If it isn't obvious Louis and Liam are definitely one of the ones I like the most. Zaynie is out. Not because he tried to kill me, surprisingly I forgot about that, but because I don't feel like I could spend eternity with him. I just feel like we don't belong with each other. Maybe as family but as mates... No. It feels weird thinking that he could be my mate somehow.

That just leaves Harry and Niall. Harry is sweet and charming but I don't know.  Then there's Niall who is adorable, sweet, funny, caring, and huggable. There is something that attracts me to Niall, but I don't know exactly what it is. There is like this force that tells me that Niall can be the one. I don't know where that force is coming from but it is also telling me that Louis and Liam can also be the one. What is going on with me?

I don't have a clue on what to do. Why does this choosing thing have to be so hard and frustrating? Why can't my mind just be set and tell me who is the one? I don't want the boys to fight over me and lose their friendship. That makes me sound like a hot popular mother fucker which I'm not. I'm just going to have to tell the boys everything I just thought about and that is exactly what I did. Surprisingly, Zayn didn't get all butt hurt.

"You're right! I really don't feel a romantic connection between us either." Thank god he wasn't uncomfortable with this whole thing.

"So... Are we good?" Please say yes.

"Of course! You're more of a sister to me." Thank god again for making us both think that we are better off as family and not mates.

"I have something to confess also." Harry spoke raising his hand. We aren't at school so why is he raising his hand?

"I bet he's gay and is in love with Louis. I ship them. Their ship name is Larry Stylinson. They are my larents. I'm a larrie." I whispered at Niall. He laughed out loud. His laugh got me like X_X. Louis and Harry glared at me while Zayn and Liam tried so hard not to laugh they were covering their mouths. I don't think they liked the fact that I just called them gay... It's okay though. If they are, which I think they aren't, I'll still support them.

"Anyway. Iris I don't think you're my mate." This is just making the decision easier for me. Keep going curly hair!

"Ha! I told you he was gay!" The rest of the lads laughed at my burst.

"When I saw Cailin I forgot about everything and everyone." Oh shit! Cailin? "Everything was in slow motion. The way her wavy hair reaches just above her butt. How long her eyelashes where. Her cute button nose. Her pink lips, that look extremely soft. The way her eyes pierced deep in my soul. The way she looked when she thought we were feeding off of you. That was fucking hot. The way her eyebrows furrow when she is mad. The way the crinkles by her eyes appear when she smiles or laughs. The way she slightly opens her mouth when she is confused and I don't think she notices when she does that but it makes her adorable." Harry ranted. So it was Cailin and not Louis? Wow. He really does notice those little things. It took my whole will to not burst out singing Little Things. This is so cute! It was destiny! But what about Larry Stylinson? I was waiting for him to confess that he was in love with Louis.

"Yea? Really? So what are you waiting for? Go get her Hazza!" We all cheered him on. Might as well. Louis will find somebody some day.

"I will. Don't worry." You better bish or I'll be disappointed.

"Hey where the girls?" I haven't seen them. I mean it's just Cailin and Frida but damn they are always yelling and everything.

"Oh they went shopping. They didn't invite you because they didn't wan to risk waking you up." Zayn replied. I smirked at the memory. Everybody is scared of waking me up now. I'm not that dangerous right? Do I look dangerous? I look like an angel! Come on people! Get your facts straight!

"Okay." I'll just let them have fun and let me die of boredom here. It's fine. It's not like the guys are any fun. I'll just stick with the guys for now. Maybe until the girls get back from their shopping trip.


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