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Iris's P.O.V.

"How come she hasn't woken up already?" I heard Niall ask. What the fuck is he talking about? Niall! I'm here! I can hear you! What is he talking about? I'm awake and right here. Can't he see that?

"Some processes take longer than others." I heard Zayn explain. What's going on? Why can I hear but can't see? I'm right here! Wait... I'm still on the process? It can't be. I can hear them perfectly. But why can't I see them or anything except black.  

"But it's been 5 days!" 5 days? Am I in some type of coma? I'm confused! Nialler! I'm here! I can't talk! I have to wake up! For Nialler! Either I'm in a coma or this process thing is taking fucking forever since Nialler just said it has been 5 days since my birthday. That's a lot.

"Come on Nialler let's go rest." I heard Liam say. Are all the guys and girls here? Now I know why people that are in comas leave the places to go travel around the world instead of waiting here because it is boring! The cool thing is that I can now identify each boy just by their accents.

"No! I'm going to stay here until she wakes up!" Aww! Niall you have to go rest. Stupid process has to take a shit load just to happen. He must be here since I blacked out.

"Niall. You haven't slept." I heard Harry inform. I was right. He hasn't slept. My poor baby. This shit is so annoying! I have to fucking wake the fuck up. I'm starting to lose my shit! No mamen! Ya me canse de estar esperando como pendeja! Oh sorry. I cuss in Spanish when I'm super pissed. I'm fluent in Spanish.

"I don't care. I'm staying here." I heard people sigh and a door close. Why can't I see? Why can't I talk? Why can't I move? What the fuck is happening with me?

"Sugar if you can hear me please wake up. It's been 5 days. You need to wake up. For me. For everybody. Please. We are all worried sick. I just need you to wake up. That's all I'm asking for. I need to see your beautiful eyes again. I want to hear you make a stupid comment. I need to hear you sass the fuck out of somebody. I need you to be here to make my days like you always do. I just need you to be conscious by my side so that I can hold you in my arms." I'm trying Niall. I just can't. I need to try harder. I need to wake up. I felt Niall hold my hand. Fuck this shit is annoying the fuck outta me! He was running his thumb over my knuckles. I tried opening my eyes. Suddenly I gasped and quickly shot up.

"Iris! Finally!" Niall screamed hugging the shit out of me! Fuck! He is hugging me really light. I heard footsteps quickly approaching the room. The door opened and there stood everybody with wide eyes. I smiled at them awkwardly since my face was smashed into Niall's shoulder.

"Welcome to family!" I just smiled. I have a new family now. It's going to be okay. They got my back whenever I need them.

"Iris!" Cailin yelled pushing Niall out of the way. Oii woman! Don't hurt the hottie! I need him you know! She hugged me really tight. Just like Niall. I turned to look at him. Damn! He looks awful! He really needs to get some sleep. He has bags under his eyes. Since when does Niall get bags. He looks pale as fuck. Cailin finally let go of me to go back to Harry's side. Now I know where her loyalty lies.

Everybody started having multiple conversations. Damn it sounds like a zoo! I remembered about Isaac and that dream/vision. Isaac is back and the fucker is out to get me. He is alive. I still can't believe he has a magical ring that keeps him from dying. He is coming back for me and will kill anybody that gets in his way. He is planning something. He is one smart son of a bitch. No wonder he let me kill him so easily! He had it all planned out. He knows that I will do anything to protect my new family. I hate this fucker with a fucking huge passion. I need to know his plan.

I have to protect these people. I can't let Isaac kill them. I'll kill myself before Isaac kills my family. He said I am stronger than most vampires. What does he mean by that? I need to know if it will help on my favor. Is he talking about my strength? My power? I have a lot of questions that really need answers like pronto. Like of the right now. I need to do something about Isaac. He doesn't scare me.

In the vision I was going to marry Niall. Do we actually go that far and get married? Who will be the bridesmaid? The made of honor? Damn... I'm actually thinking about marry Nialler. Will we be happy? Or will somebody try to make our lives living hell? Will we have cute lil babies? I want 3 kids. Two boys and a little girl to spoil a lot. Getting off track here. I need to tell my peeps about Isaac.

"Guys." They didn't hear me. Wow...

"Guys!" They didn't hear me again... Ouch... I feel ignored...

"Hey! Mother Fuckas!" That caught their attention.

"What bish?" Louis asked. I glared at him but decided to ignore his comment.

"I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" Liam asked getting kinda worried already. You should be worried Woody. What I'm about to tell you is really bad.

"Isaac isn't dead. He is pretty much alive and he is back. And of course still wants me."

"Impossible! You burned him!" Frida exclaimed.

"I thought so too but apparently nothing is impossible... Apparently he has a magical ring that keeps him form dying. He's back and he wants me! He said that he would kill anybody that gets in his way. He also said that I am stronger that most vampires, but not for long. He has a plan to destroy all of us and rule the world. He won't stop until he gets what he wants."

"How do you know that?" Perrie asked.

"I had a dream/vision while I was in that type of comma or process thingy."

"This is bad guys. We need to get prepared." Zayn said and the rest nodded obviously knowing exactly what he is talking about while me over here is clueless. Prepared? What are they talking about? Do they know something I don't. I just know that by prepared they mean something about a fight.

Just when I thought the problems where finally over.


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