Chapter 34

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Iris's P.O.V.

I closed my eyes not wanting to see the disappointment on the other guys eyes. When I opened them everybody was slapping him on the back. He looked like if he just won the lottery. I want to win that though. His smile was so wide my cheeks hurt for him. I looked at Liam and Louis to see them with huge smiles. They took it better than most people would. I feel a huge weight off of my shoulders now. This waiting is finally over. I can finally feel free and not a slut.

Niall approached me and hugged me super tight. His chin was on top of my head. His arms around my shoulders well more like around my neck but whatever. My face was buried in his chest. I will admit that he smells good. Yes I smelt him. I'm weird leave me alone. My arms wrapped around his waist. I could really get use to this. This is really nice and comfortable. His hugs are really the best ever.

"Thank you sugar. For choosing me." Why is he thanking me? I should be thanking him. He put up with my shit and still waited for me.

"No thank you. For waiting for me and never giving up on me. Most people wouldn't do that." It's the truth. Most people wouldn't wait a shit load just for a person.

"Anything for you sugar. That's what mates are for. They always wait and never give up on each other." Niall started rubbing my back. Damn that feels good. He kiss my forehead while rocking us back and forth. I looked up to see everybody aweing at us quietly. I saw Louis with a camera. What the fuck? I gave him a glare and he smiled widely at me.

"Awe! Look at them! Being all couple like already! That's so cute!" Louis teased. We both blushed. I burried my face in Niall's chest.

"They are so cute I'm going to puke." Zayn said fake gagging. Perrie slapped his arm. Thank you Perrie! I'm liking you already.

"Oh like if you and Perrie aren't like that." Cailin defended us. Thank god for this awesome cousin. I don't know what I would do without her. She is my rock. She holds me together. She is the only reason why I didnt kill myself when i got raped. She found out and helped me through the process.

"Like if you and Harry aren't like that either." Frida broke in. Whoa!

"Well we are sorry that you haven't found your mate." Harry chimed. He did not just go there. That was a bitchy move.

""Whoa! Guys stop! Chill everybody is going to have a mate soon. Just stop bickering. Well more like stop being assholes to each other." I finally broke in.

"Niall you have to turn Iris." Liam changed he subject. Turn me? Me? A vampire? Why does it always have to be Liam to ruin the fun? Why?

"I know. How about tomorrow sugar?" Tomorrow?

"What's tomorrow?" I asked.

"March 10." Louis answered. Tomorrow is my birthday. Damn. I'm going to be 19 already.

"Tomorrow is her birthday." Cailin informed. Of course she would inform them.

"Really?' The rest asked in sync. They need to stop doing that. It's really freaky. I'm scared now.

"Yuppers! Tomorrow I'll be 19."

"Well can I turn you tomorrow?" Niall was looking at me with a shy look. He is just so cute!

"Yea. I guess." I'm scared to be honest, Does it hurt? What if something goes wrong? What if I'm not the vampire they expected? What if I die in the process?

"Okay. Now that we have that all sorted out. Let's go to sleep Motha Fuckas!!" Harry ordered. The fuck? He did not just call me a motha fucka.

"Since when are you the dad? I thought Liam was the dad. I am not a motha fucka." I asked.

"I thought so too." Liam agreed with me. Everybody else nodded in agreement.

"Since now! Now let's go! No need for a cuppa!" Is he on drugs?

"Cailin control your man!" I said.

"I'm trying!" We all went up stairs and into the direction of our rooms. Niall took me to my room. Not like that you bloody perverts! Fuck! I'm starting to talk in British slang!

"Can't believe I can finally call you mine." Niall admitted while I just smiled at him. He is so sweet and adorkable!

"Well you best believe it!"

"Can I kiss you?" Why is he asking for permission?

"And you are asking me this because?"

"I'll just take that as a yes."

He got closer to me and put his hands around my waist pulling me closer to him. I can feel his breathe blowing on my face. I wrapped my arms around his neck. His lips were hovering over mine. He was slowly leaning in. Why is he taking his time? Doesn't he want this? Suddenly his lips crashed on mine. Finally! I thought he was going to wait for 34 more years. It was beautiful. Our lips molded perfectly. Niall is perfect.

Everybody cheered in the background. What the hell? Did they watch the whole thing? That's just bloody creepy? Would they like it if I sneaked up on them kissing their mates? I don't think so!

"Woohoo Niall!! Get some!" Zayn cheered. Everybody started clapping. Where they hearing everything? Little fuckers!

"Zayn I think you need to get some too." Louis commented. I heard everybody snicker at Louis's comment. Then I heard a slap so I'm guessing Zayn slapped Louis.

"I waited 10 days to do that." Was the first thing Niall said when we pulled way from the like 4 minute kiss. 4 minutes and I didn't die. He waited 10 days. Wait... I'm been with them for 10 days? It doesn't feel like it.

"Guess you don't have to wait anymore."

"Guess so."

"Good night Nialler."

"Good night Sugar." I pecked his lips before I opened the door to my room. I waved before I closed the door and let out a breathe I didn't know I was holding. I drifted to sleep with Niall on my mind.

I know I made the right decision.


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