Chapter 30

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Iris's P.O.V.

"Give her back to me Isaac!" I heard Niall shout through the phone with pure anger. I'm his and the guys'! I should go back with them! I belong with them and not Isaac.

"Hello to you too Niall. I'm good thanks for asking. What about you? You've been cleaning up well. How has life been treating you? What about the boys? Are they alright? I haven't seen you in a while. We should meet up and talk. I mean I am your creator." Isaac created them? Why would they keep this away from me? I deserved to know that their creator is after me. That's the whole reason why he wants me! To get revenge on the boys! For a reason that I have to know why.

"Stop playing games you bastard and give her back to me!" Damn. I didn't know my Nialler had it in him. He looks like a harmless kitten. Whoa! My Nialler? Since when is he mine? I don't know where that came from but it sounds nice. I'll talk to the lads later about Isaac.

"Oh. No. No. I just want to have some fun with your princess." He put the phone in speaker and started to approach me. What is this bastard going to do with me? He raised his hand, slapped me and quickly pulled my head back by my hair.

"Owe you fucker." I groaned. That shit hurts! Why would he hit me? I would've preferred if he raped me seeing that I have already been there before. It will be less painful than him punching me.

"Don't you dare hurt her or I'll find you and rip your heart out. Letting you have a slow painful death." Niall threatened. Quickly get the camera! Dark Niall is on! I have to document this! He is threatening Isaac.

"Oh Niall. Don't threaten me or it'll be worse for little princess Iris." I'm no princess! I'm a queen♕! And what is he going to do? Punch me again? I can take punches. They just still hurt.

"Niall! Stop! I'll be okay!" It really warms my heart that he actually cares about me. I think it was a bad idea talking to Niall.

"No! I'm coming to get you!" Awe! He is going to risk himself just to save me from Isaac.

"Did I give you permission to speak with that beautiful mouth of yours Iris?" With that Isaac punched me in the stomach. Mother Fucker! It hurts like a female dog! Why is he punching me? Can't he just give me warnings? Why does he have to go all aggressive on me? He called my mouth beautiful though, that is super weird. Why would you compliment a mouth calling it beautiful?

"You should know Isaac, that I don't follow people's rules or orders. Especially an old vampires. I make my own rules." I spat. He punched me in the jaw. Seriously? I bit my lip to try and ease the pain. I've been punched before but I have never been punched by a vampire. This shit hurts.

"Guess you're going to have to learn." Yea right fucker! Like if I'm going to learn how to be obedient. My own mother couldn't teach me so she gave up.

"Nah! I guess not!" With that I kicked him where the sun doesnt shine a.k.a. his balls. He groaned and hit the floor. That must have hurt.

"Iris? What's going on?" Right! Niall is still on the phone and on speaker!

"I'll call you later Niall. I'm about to give Karma."

"No Ir-" I hung up. I need to get this chair off of me. I smashed my self against a wall trying to break the chair so I be free and fight. That hurt but fuck it. Anything to be free.

I saw Isaac stand up and started to rush towards me. I waited till the last minute to move out of the way causing him to smash himself against the wall. Ouch that gotta hurt. I kicked his back smashing him towards the wall again. He groaned but turned around. Before I could make a move he ruby tackled me and straddled me. Ewe! I have pedophile germs on me! He got my arms with one of his hands raising them above my head.

"Oh baby. That was mistake." A mistake? It wasn't a mistake defending myself. What he thought I was going to let him hurt me with out putting up a fight?

"I don't make mistakes you fucking asshole." I do. I just don't like admitting them. I have made a few mistakes in my past.

I kneed him on the back causing him to fly towards the floor. He lied there in pain. He must have landed on a rock or something. I got a wooden stick from the chair that I broke and approached him. I turned him around so now he was lying on his back and put a foot on his chest to keep him down. He tried to get up but I kept him down on the floor. He had a disbelief look. What he didn't believe I was going to win him at fighting?

"I underestimated you. You are stronger than most vampires." Why do people underestimate me?

"Guess you're going to have to learn not to mess with me and underestimate me but since I'm going to kill you, you won't make the mistake twice. I'm saving you from the embarrassment." He tried to get up but I just pushed him down. "Goodbye Isaac. Have fun in hell."

I stabbed him in his "heart" with the stick. I stood up straight watching him die and turn gray. I saw some gallons near by. I opened one to see gasoline inside of them. Perfect! I got them and poured them on Isaac. Then I grabbed a lighter from the counter and threw it at him. The flames flared up wildly. I stood there watching my master piece.

I don't think I've ever created something so perfect. Thank god this nightmare is over and to think I even considered going with him.


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