Chapter 6

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I woke up to a TV on and the boogers arguing with channel they should watch. Aren't they famous and need to be doing work or something? Don't they have like music to sing or write?

"Morning Sleeping Beauty!" Louis chirped. I am going to give them the silent treatment. I was sleeping for a reason fucker.

"Don't give us silent treatment." Liam demanded. I tried to block Liam from reading my mind and I guess it worked because I thought about me being hungry and he didn't say anything. That's right!! I'm hungry though.

"Babe please! Don't be mad at us!" Zayn pleaded. You're going to have to try harder. I don't forgive easily. And I have all the right to be mad at you.

"We're sorry! We just can't lose you!" Harry apologized. Can't lose me? I was never theirs! You just lost me for doing this. I'm good at this!

"Stop blocking your mind and let me hear what you're thinking!" Liam begged. Yeah right! Like if I'm gunna do that, plus that sounds really weird... I didn't know I was crying until Louis cleared a tear and pulled me up to hug me. Okay then...

"Let it all out sunshine." Was all that Louis said. No 'why are you crying' or 'please stop crying.' I seriously needed this.

I started to sob. Not those cute sobs, but those is-that-a-monster-I-hear sob. I fell on the floor with Louis's hands still around me. I suddenly remembered why I was crying and pushed Louis off of me. What am I doing? He held a confused look. I crawled to a corner and continued to cry. It was their fault! I was crying because they won't let me go! They're being selfish! They aren't thinking about me! They are just thinking about themselves!

"Sugar please. Just talk to us. We can help!" Niall pleaded. Did he really just say that? Did he really just say that they can help?

"No! No you can't because this is all your fault! You are being selfish on keeping me here! What about what I want! Or feel! Ever thought about what if I had a boyfriend? Did you think about my family and friends? Probably not! They are probably- no not probably- they are worried shitless! Damn now I broke my record of no cussing! Did you think at all about this? Of the list I just kindly made for you!" I screamed at them. Silence. Silence was all that I received. Now they stay silent huh!

"That's what I thought!" I shouted at them and ran up the stairs. I went to the first room that was open. It was the bathroom! Thank god!

"Iris! Open the door! Don't you dare make me break the door!" Harry threatened. All the boogers were banging on the door. Or I think it all of them. I don't know I can see through doors. That would be badass!!

"Try me!" Was all I said. It got quiet so I figured that they gave up. I was wrong. Somebody smashed themselves against the door and broke it. Of course me being in front of the door, the door smashed into me and knocked me to the floor. Crap!

"Oh my god! Iris are you okay?" Louis asked. It had to be him! That hurt!

"I think so." I replied while touching my head. There was blood gushing out of it. By now all the guys except Zayn were in the room. Wait... I'm bleeding in a room full of thirsty vampires.

"Umm... Iris? You're bleeding." Niall pointed out. No shit bloodsucker!

"What? Did you think that with an impact like that I wasn't going to bleed from anywhere?" I asked sarcastically and rolled my eyes. Damn I can even be sassy when I'm injured. Zayn suddenly was in the door and was looking at me with hungry, red eyes. Oh-uh.

"Louis get Zayn out of here!" Liam commanded. A little too late because Zayn was already rushing towards me.

Zayn pushed everybody out of the way and stood in front of me. His fangs shot out like lightning. He forcefully grabbed me trying to get a bite on my neck. I struggled to keep him away from my neck. He's going to kill me!! Ahh!! Holy Crap! Ima die today! I'm not ready to die! I'm too young! Help me!!

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