Chapter 20

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Iris's P.O.V.

"What happened?" Louis asked as soon as we step foot inside the house. Damn. What a gossip girl.

"Hello to you too Lou. I'm fine thanks for asking. It's not like I got in a fight and could have possibly been killed or yet something worse. Burned. My ashes would be glitter though. "

"I'm sorry kid. Are you okay? Did you get stabbed? No! I don't think so! You are still here and alive. So now give me some details!"

"Asshole. That actually hurt me. I can't believe you don't care about me. You only want gossip."

"Thanks kid. So what happened?" This fucker.

"Iris kicked this girl's ass and then the poe poe took them to jail. It was the girl's fault because Iris does have a bad temper." Liam explained to them. They all looked at me with wide eyes and mouths wide open. What a way to make me feel like the bad guy. It's not my fault the bitch slapped me first.

"Wow Iris. I think you are a bad influence on our little innocent Niall." Zayn said. Innocent my ass. The fucker isn't as sweet as they think. He can be a badass sometimes.

"But Niall didn't even do anything! It was all me! He didn't take me off of the slut! I was the badass and he isn't as innocent and sweet as you think he is. You have been lied to your while life."

"Why didn't you take her off of the slut?" Harry asked. Good question. Why didn't he get me off of the slut?

"Because the slut deserved it. It was pretty badass. Don't get on Iris's bad side. I'm just warning you. Plus today was fun." Niall shrugged. Awe! What a cutie!! I did have fun too.

"So did you beat up her up really bad or what?" Frida asked. Psh. Who do they think I am? Of course I beat her up! I'm a badass biatch!

"Yea she did. The slut was just pulling her hair and Iris flipped them over so that she could be on top and was throwing punches. The girl's name which was Clary or Casey I dont know had a busted lip and a black eye." Niall explained.

"Damn. She's the bad girl." Louis commented.

"Of course. I came from the rough side of town. Plus I'm just a badass." I winked at him. They all rolled their eyes at me.

"I've heard that one before." Cailin commented. No shit. She's my cousin.

"Of course. You have. You've known me my whole entire life."

"True. True." I rolled my eyes at Cailin.

"Iris I suggest you to sleep early because we're leaving early in the morning." Zayn said. Why does he always ruin the family moment? Today in the morning and right now. Does he have some problems?

"Where are we going?" I like bugging the guys with this where are we going shit.

"Somewhere that involves water so you best put a bikini." A pool? Waterpark? Beach?

"Okay. Nighty night!" I was about to run up the stairs when Nialler stopped me.


"Yes Niall?" I smiled widely at him.

"I'm sorry that the date didn't go as planned." He put his hands in his pockets and looked down at the floor. Awe! He thinks I didn't like the date! How cute is that?

"It's okay Nialler. I had fun. I liked it." It's the truth. I ruffled his hair and he smiled shyly at me.

"Okay. I'm sorry though. I should have taken care of fans before I took you out." He looks so guilty that the date didn't go out as planned.

"It's okay Nialler. It is not like I always have a chance to kick some one's ass. Night." I winked at him.

"Good night sugar." I pecked his cheek and went to my room. To be honest... I liked this date. It was actually fun. Niall was sweet and caring and fun.


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