Chapter 15

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Iris P.O.V.

"I'm coming!" I turned around to look in the woods and saw a shadow. I squinted and saw red eyes. I sure do have nice eye vision if I could see what color his eyes are if he is like 10 meters away from me. Not another vampire! He smiled and left. Really? He was probably hiding in there for a while just to smile at me and leave. Is there a purpose behind that?

"Liam!" Should I tell him? Well I guess. He will know what to do about this whole situation.


"I think I saw a vampire in the woods. He just waited for me to notice him and then he smiled and left."

"Get in the car!" Well I didn't think this would be his reaction. Is he really going to panic? Does he even know who this vampire is? Is he dangerous? Is it Isaac?

"Going!" I quickly ran to the car. I  jumped into the car and he drove off. Is there a speed limit here? Liam is going pretty fast for my liking.

He took out his phone and dialed a number. Does he not know that he isn't suppose to be on the phone and driving at the same time? It can cause an accident and I don't want to die this young in life. I still got a few more years to go. Or is that just in America also? I wonder if the same rights and laws apply to here London too?

"Guys check the perimeter of the house. We got another vampire that wants Iris... Yea, I think it was Isaac... Like a kind of warning that he's going to have Iris soon no matter what-" Oh he called the guys about the vampire I saw.

Damn. Now all the vampires want me. Never had 6 vampires wanting me before so this is a first. But I don't like it. I don't want to go with Isaac. I didn't even know vampires existed until like 3 days ago. More or less. I don't keep count of the days.

"Okay be careful... Bye." Awe! He cares! He actually cares about the guys and not just himself! But then again I kept on hearing in San Francisco that he had the biggest heart in to band. It can be a lie because all of the lads care about everything too much.  

"If that was Isaac he was pretty hot." I commented to piss Liam off. And I guess it worked. I like making people mad. It keeps me entertained.

"Shut up. You don't know what you're saying." Damn boy chill.

"No I mean. I would totally go for him if he wasnt a creepy pedophile weirdo, if that makes sense "

"Too bad! He's a creepy pedophile weirdo so you're stuck with us forever." Forever sounds like hell.

"Are you so sure? I can jump out of the car and bleed out and he can find and turn me."

"Shut up! You wouldnt!" Why does everybody doubt me?

"Try me!" I started to get the door handle when Liam grabbed me.

"What do you think you're doing?" Isnt it obvious?

"Trying to get out of the car to go to Isaac."

"What? Stop being so childish! We have a date to go to!"

"Well stop being so mean and I'll stop being so childish!"

"Okay. I'm sorry. We're suppose to have fun today!"

"Where are we going?" I am going to bug him until he gives up and tells me where we are going.

"Somewhere fun! You're going to love it!"

"Just tell me!"

"No-" His phone rang. Who interrupted us?

Hey Leeyum! Its Harreh! Answer your phone! Might be important! We probably did something really stupid and management will get mad. You will of course be yelled at because we will most likely blame you on what we did- That is a funny ringtone and totally true. It will probably Louis's idea if this ever happens. Louis is the most mischievous one out of all of the boys.

"What happened?... You found footsteps... They lead to an old house?... And old woman?... Aroma? In there?... Damn it! He's smart! Be careful. He can be out there... Yea... Bye." Aroma? There? Where is there? Old house? He bangs on old woman? That is gross. Unless if the old woman is his grandma. That would be disgusting and inappropriate. Who even bangs old women? Like seriously. Who does that? Are they talking about Isaac?

"What happened?" I wanna know what is going on. Does it involve me somehow?

"They found footsteps around the house. They also found an aroma from another vampire in your room." It does involve me.

"Whoa! Wait... Isaac was in my room? I wonder if he touched anything." I mean I don't want his fingerprints on me. Does he think I'm hot? Why does he want me? I feel creeped out. I don't want pedophile germs on me. That is just really weird.

"Focus! We're here!" I guess Liam gets really mad when I say or talk about other boys who aren't him or the boys. He gets really jealous. I imagine what he is like with his girlfriend. I feel sorry for all of his past girlfriends but they would be very lucky to have a caring and loving boyfriend like Liam. He and the boys are one of the most caring people I know. They are something special.

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