Chapter 21

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Iris's P.O.V.

"Iris wake up babe. We gotta go."

"What time is it?"

"7 in the morning."

"What the fuck? Why are you waking me up so early?"

"Because we are going to ride a plane." Yay! A plane ride! I love planes!

"I'm up!" I pushed him off of the bed. He glared at me for a while then he smiled.

"Just change, but wear your bikini under."

"Okay. Thanks Zaynie." I pecked his cheek.

"Welcome babe. I'll be waiting in the living room."

"Aha." He left and I got changed. I put on my red and black bikini. Over it I put on a black shirt and red shorts. I put in my black TOMS and tied my hair up in a bun. I walked downstairs to see Zayn and Liam talking. Zayn was wearing some swimming shorts and a black muscle shirt and Liam was wearing a white T-shirt and some gray sweats. Why is Woody here? Is he going to go on the date with us.

"Why is Liam here?" I asked. Liam looked offended.

"Glad to see you like my company woman."

"You know I love you Woody." Zayn made a face at the nickname Woody.

"He's going to drive us to the airport. And Woody?"

"Yea. Have a problem bud?"

"No no. Chill. I don't need you to kick my ass. I just thought it was weird. I thought you were creative Iris."

"Don't judge me and let's go to the car."

"Okay." We got out of the house and piled into the car. The whole car ride was silent except for the radio quietly playing in the background. Finally we arrived at the airpotlrt and got off the car.

"Bye Liam!" Zayn waved.

"Bye Woody!" I waved.

"Bye guys! Have fun!" And with that he drove off. I can't believe the guys are fine passing me around and not get jealous? I feel more of a rag doll than a person. I'm just passed around.

"Come on we have 20 minutes before the jet leaves."

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