Chapter 16

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Iris's P.O.V.

I looked outside the window to see an arcade? Oh maii gaah! He brought me to an arcade! He is the best! Well at least for right now. I still need the other dates. Who knows what the others have prepared.

"Oh my god! Liam! This is amazing!" I officially love him a little more than the rest of the guys.

"Psh. I know!" He sounds so conceded. He has been hanging out too much with Louis and Harry.

"Let's go! Let's go!" I can't wait to have so much fun!

"Ha. Okay going!" He sounds proud that I'm really excited.

"Hurry up! You're taking longer than my grandma and she's 90!" This is a true fact.

"Damn she's old! No offense!" I call her an old cow so that isn't even close to an insult.

"None taken! Hurry up Woody!" Oops? Why did Woody come from? It just kind of slipped out.

"Woody?" He is shocked. I know. I kind of am too.

"You like Toy Story don't you?" I've heard that he likes Toy Story. It better be true. He did tell me I was his favorite person in the world when I said that my favorite PIXAR movies are the toy story ones.

"Yea!" So what I heard was right. Thank you girls.

"Exactly! You're Woody!"

"But I wanna be Buzz Light Year!" He sounds like a little kid. This bitch. Woody is beast!

"I'll call you whatever I want!" I sound like a thug.

"Okay! Let's go in!"

"Yes! Finally!" I ran up to the doors and into a gamer's paradise. Well at least to me it's paradise.

"Hello welcome to Fun Arcade. Enjoy!" A worker said the moment we entered.

"Yea aha thanks!" Liam replied. I ran up to the game Pac Man, best game ever. The highest score was 30,999. (A/N random number. I really don't play Pac-Man so I don't know the scores and all that. Also I have never been to an arcade before only like the movies arcade but those are lame so I don't know a lot of games.) I can beat that! I'm beast at these games.

"Liam give meh some tokens! I'm about to beat this high score!"

"Okay. Here!" He quickly shoved some tokens into my hands.

"Puh-lease honey! Nobody has been able to get a higher score than me. So I don't think a delicate girl like you can beat me." A boy that looked really tough said to me leaning himself against the wall. Oh hayls no! Nobody underestimates me! And did he just call me delicate? I'll teach him what this "delicate" girl can do.

"You're on tough boy. 50 pounds goes to the winner. If I don't beat your score I give you 50 pounds. If I do beat your score you give me 50 pounds. Deal or No Deal?" Liam looked shocked. If I lose I'll just take the money away from Liam's wallet. I don't think he will mind, but I'm not losing so it will be another day.

"Deal." This boy doesn't know what he agreed to.

"Iris? What are you doing?" Liam asked.

"Gunna teach this guy to never call me delicate ever in his life."

"This is a bad idea." That's a confidence builder.

"Have faith in me Liam, will you?"

"I do have faith in you. I'm just worried you will ruin this boy's reputation." This is why Liam is my favorite so far. I took four tokens away from Liam and started the game. It is on.

There was a crowd behind me while I was playing. I'm so close to beat him! So close! Yes! I did it! I won the tough boy! I continued to play. I died 5 minutes after. When I finished I jumped onto Liam's arms and he twirled me around. The new high score is 41,480. (A/N random number again.)

"Cough it up tough boy." I extended my hand towards him. He placed 50 pounds on my hand.

"Not bad delicate girl." Again with the delicate word. Didn't I just teach him that I'm not delicate?

"Puh-lease tough boy. I think we just established that I'm not delicate."

"You will always be delicate in my eyes."

"And I can always kick your ass. Adios!" I walked up to Liam who looked shocked. I split the 50 pounds in half. I mean he did give me the tokens and he had faith in me. I gave half to Liam and winked at him.

"Damn. I have to admit that was hot." Liam said. Of course. Boys think that girls who can play games are hot.

"Come on Woody! Let's go play some other games!" I took a hold on to Liam's hand and dragged him towards another game. That's how our date went. Challenging each other in every game. We stayed there for like 4 hours! One of the best dates ever!


Hey My Pringles!! So here's the date!! Hope you like it even though it's shorter than my ass and its not that detailed. Well you gave me more than 500 reads!! I love you so fucking much!! Hope you had fun in Christmas!! I don't know if there is an arcade called fun arcade I just made that up also I don't know that much about arcades and games because every time I go to an arcade I go straight to the racing games and gun games!! So Yea. I'm such a boy. Also if you haven't noticed Iris is kind of based on me except she looks like Lily Collins. But her personality is kind of like mine! I finally finished writing the story on my notebook. I like how it came out so I hope you do too!! Bye-bye my Pringles.

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