Chapter 17

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Iris's P.O.V.


We took off home. We just kept on bickering while we entered the house.

"Come on Liam! You have to tell me that I took away all your dignity. Losing to a girl more times than winning? I'm pretty sure your ego is under the ground by now and your dignity is way more under."

"Shut up!"

"You suck at this! Move your hips more!" A female voice said.  Who sucks at what? We turned to look at the living room to see the rest of the boys playing Just Dance 4 with a girl? The boys suck at dancing. Especially at moving their hips. They have no rhythm.  ( A/N I 'm writing this while hearing I Should've Kissed You by One Direction. This song is bae I swear along with ALL of them. Just wanted to let you know so bye.) Who is she? The guys never talked about another girl. And why is she with my boys??

"Frida?" Liam asked. The girl with dark brown hair turned to Liam's direction. She was beautiful and had green eyes. Is everybody else prettier than me? There are 8 year olds who are prettier than me! What the actual fuck?

"Liam!" She exclaimed and before I could even blink, she had jumped onto Liam's arms hugging him. Woah. Another vampire? Just great! I have another vampire to deal with. Can't I have a break? But then again I live with 5. "And you must be Iris?" She asked me.

"Yup! That's me! What gave it out? "

"You're the only girl in here besides me and you're human. Hi! I'm Frida. Liam's cousin." Liam has a vampire cousin?

"I didn't know that Liam had a vampire cousin." She gasped at that. Okay then...

"He never talked about me?" Should I lie to her or say the truth? I'll just say the truth.


"Wow Liam. That's just cold!"

"What is cold? Ice? "

"You didn't talk about me with Iris!" I mean was he suppose to? I don't think it's mandatory.

"It never came up!" Liam defended. It's true. We haven't talked about our family.

"Sure." She rolled her eyes. Drama queen much? But she seems nice so it's okay.

"Whatever!" Liam called back. That's my boy. You sass her!

"Since when did you get so sassy?"

"Since I started living with 2 sassy people. Louis and Iris." Why do I have to be included?

"Why am I included Woody? I'm not sassy!"

"Yes you are delicate girl." He smirked at me. This fucker.

"Am I really? Let's see. Should we tell the boys a secret that only we know and that can probably ruin your reputation of being a man?" His eyes went wide and he quickly shook his head.

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