Author's Note

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Hello loves!! So I have over 100 reads!! Thank you! That makes me feel less of a sucky writer!! I want to ask you if any of you would like to be in this story or in the sequel? Yes I know that it's too early to be thinking about the sequel but like I said in the beginning that I had already written this book so I know how it's gunna end... But I am making a lot of changes in the story but that's only because half of the things I have written so far I can't write for school so yea!! If you are interested INBOX ME!! Shout out to all you beautiful people that take some of their time to read my sucky ass book! I love you all. My nickname for my readers will be.............

Unicorns!! Or Ritz!! Oh no wait! Maybe You'll be my Pringles!! Thanks for reading this book!! I really appreciate it!! Bye my Pringles!!

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