Chapter 12

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Iris's P.O.V.

"Hey babe. Wake up. Breakfast is ready." A voice that sounded like Zayn said. Why can't they just let me sleep?

"5 more minutes dude."

"No. Come on. Remember you have a date with Liam." Ugh! I don't want to go on these dates!

"Let me sleep!" I threw my pillow at him. Oops.

"Oh hells no! You did not just hit me!" He should be proud I never answered right.

"Oops? Sorry. It just kind of slipped out! Now let me sleep foo!"

"No get up! You lazy ass." Zayn pulled the covers off of me. Damn its cold! And he didn't not just do that.

"Dude go away! But first let me take a selfie! No! Just kidding! Give me the covers! Its cold! I can freeze to death right here, right now! I thought you cared about me! You won't have anybody to go on a date to if I die." I reached for the covers only to see Zayn running out the door, laughing with the covers. This fucker! It is on!

"Zayn! Get back over here! You idiot! You are going to trip on the stairs!" I ran after him. He was running down the stairs, but tripped and rolled down the rest of the stairs. I stifled a laugh. Ouch! That gotta hurt. I successfully ran down the stairs without tripping and jumped on Zayn. He had a painful look on his face. Awe! Poor kid. I warned him though. It has happened to me too.

"Dude! Never take my covers away from me! Unless if you want to die! Do you have a death wish or something? You almost killed yourself by falling down the stairs!"

I was still on top of him. Come on! I'm not that fat right? He can literally just push me off of him. He is stronger that me. He is a vampire. Vampires are suppose to be stronger than humans. I was stronger than Louis yesterday and he was trying his hardest to get me off of him. I can't be that fat right? I need to talk to Liam about this.

"Get off of me!" Awe! He is weak!

"No! You're comfy!" That is true. His abs are pretty comfortable which shouldn't be because abs are suppose to be hard.

"Liam! Get her off of me!" Liam? When did he get here? Liam was approaching us. He had an amused face. I can see that he is enjoying this.

"What's going on?" He smirked.

"Well Zayn, the idiot, took the covers away from me and ran down the stairs. I, of course, ran after him. When he was running down the stairs, he tripped and rolled down so I jumped on top of him after he hurt himself." I explained. Liam laughed out loud. He is surely enjoying this.

"Oh. Lads! You have to come and see this!" I heard footsteps running quickly. I think they thought it was something important.

"Why is Iris on top Zayn?" Niall asked. Louis started taking his phone out.

"Louis don't you dare take pictures or I will kill you!" Zayn looked scary. Louis must have had the same thought because he quickly put his phone away. What a scaredy-cat. Zayn can't do anything to him because I have immobilized him for right now.

"Zayn is getting beat up by a girl." Liam explained. The lads laughed. Stupid sexist jerks thinking that girls can't beat up boys.

"No! I'm not! I'm just weak because I rolled down the stairs!"

"Sure buddy. Can somebody bring me whipped cream and chocolate syrup?"

"What are you going to do?" Zayn asked freaked out.

"Karma." I heard a WHOOSH! Louis was beside me with whipped cream and chocolate syrup plus honey syrup. Got to love this boy with stripes.

"Thanks Lou bear. Now somebody should record this!" Harry took out his phone and started recording. Zayn started thrashing underneath me. Oh... That sounds so perverted.

"No! No! I'm sorry! I promise I won't do it again just please don't do it." Zayn pleaded. I tried to play innocent.

"What do you want me not to do Zaynie?"

"Don't pour the whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and honey syrup on me." Got him!

"Well Zaynie I wasn't thinking about that, but thanks for the idea! I was actually going to eat this while still being on top of you but I like your idea better." The rest of the guys snickered from in back of me.

I poured the honey syrup first, then the chocolate syrup, and last but not least the whipped cream, all in his beautiful hair. Fan girls will kill me if they ever find out that I did this to their precious Zayn. I hope Harry doesn't post this video anywhere. I bent down and whispered quietly in his ear.

"Now you know not to mess with me and my sleep ever again. Are you going to do it again?" He rapidly shook his head no.

"Great! Then my work here is done! Oh by the way I think you might want take a shower and try to wash all the mess in your hair." I stood up an wiped imaginary dust off of me. Harry stopped recording. Well what an eventful morning. Take that off the bucket list.

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