Chapter 13

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Iris P.O.V.

"Damn. I don't want to get on your bad side." Niall told me

"Just don't mess with me and my sleep." I shrugged.

"Oh okay." They replied in sync. Creepy...

"Well breakfast's ready. Let's go." Louis said. He took a hold of my hand and dragged me into the kitchen. Stupid strong man. I'm not going to have a hand by the end of this event where I stuff my face with food while Louis pulls my arm out of my body.

"Oii dude! You're gunna pull my arm out of its socket!"

"Oops. Sorry." He let go of my hand and I was quick to rub my wrist which were now red. Ouch. He had a strong grip on my wrist. A plate of deliciousness was put in front of me and let me tell you that I kind of devoured it. What can I say? I'm a animal.

"So Liam... Where are we going for our date?"

"Its a surprise."

"Aww come on! I hate surprises!"

"Too bad. You're gunna have to wait." Wait? Me wait? Ha he wishes.

"I also hate waiting."

"Too bad!"

"Please? Come on tell me!" I won't give up!

"No woman! You have to wait!" He called me a woman. I have never been called a woman before. I usually get called kid or little girl.

"But I don't wanna!" I whined. This is why I get called little girl or kid. I act like one.

"Sorry, but you are gunna have to suck it up."

"Liam! I-" I couldn't even finish my damn sentence because OREOS were stuffed in my mouth.

"OM NOM NOM!" I said as I finished my mouthful. (A/N this sounds dirty... Sorry I'm dirty minded xD.)  The boys just stared at me. What?

"Who did that?" I asked trying to scare the boys. I guess it worked because they all quickly pointed at Harry who had a scared look in his face. God they're snitches. I'm not that scary, am I?

I walked right in front of Harry and glared at him. He had wide eyes. Awe! Poor Hazza is scared of me even though he is like 7 inches taller than me and can kill me with only 1 hand around my neck. He is also older than me. What the fuck? Why is he scared of me? He is a fucking vampire for fucks sake.

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