Chapter 27

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Iris's P.O.V.

Once we got to the Eiffel Tower I saw  nobody but some guard. Why only one guard? Why not 2?

"Reservation for Tomlinson." Louis said way polite. This shit is formal. But he had to make reservations. That means he spent a lot of money on this and one thing I really hate is people spending money on me.

"Yes. Right this way sir." The guard guides us to an elevator. "The elevator will take you to your destination. Enjoy." We walked into the elevator. Oh I will enjoy! This is awesome.

They were playing "We Can't Stop" Or something like that by Miley Cyrus. I admire her. She doesn't give shit if people judge her. She's herself. The old Miley was just a character from Hannah Montana. The Miley Cyrus that is out in the wild right now is the real Miley. She was never her before and the fact that she decided that she had enough hiding her true self she went out and did whatever the fuck she please. I wish there were more people like her. That had the courage to just be themselves and not what other people want to see.

To amuse Louis I started twerking or crumping, I really don't know. He looked at me in surprise before he started dancing with me. He started twerking and I pretended to smack his ass and tried to "make it rain." I don't even have money. How am I suppose to make it rain?

 The elevator dinged and the doors opened. We quickly composed ourselves hoping nobody saw us and that there was no cameras in the elevator but I pretty sure there is so fuck it and we walked out. I saw a table in the middle of the room with 2 chairs across from each other. In the middle of the table there was candles. The lights were dimmed in a purple color making the room look gorgeous. Oh my god! Its beautiful!

"Oh my god Lou! It's beautiful!" We walked closer to the table and saw that we had full view of Paris. Damn. All the building lights were shining so bright.

"Not as much as you." He smiled at me a lazy smile. He looks hot. Of course I blushed. He come up with something so cheesy.

"That was so cheesy." I smiled at him and rolled my eyes.

"I know. Don't tell anybody I said that."

"No promises." I smirked and he pouted.

"Meanie. Come on. Let's sit down and eat because I'm starving." We walked to the table. Lou held the chair our for me. These small gesture make me blush. I'm such a wimp when it comes to romance.

"Thank you kind sir." I said in a kind of French accent while bowing slightly before taking a seat. He smiled widely.

"Anything for you my lady." He said in a Australian accent. I have him a weird look.

"We are in France not Australia Lou."

"Only accent I can make." How lame.

"That explains." I'm Not The Only One was playing.

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