Chapter 36

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Iris's P.O.V.

I'm running in the woods. I'm running away from somebody that is for sure. It's dark of course it might be night. I can't see anything. Where the fuck am I? Why am I in the woods? Who am I running away from? Why is it dark? Who the fuck put that log there? I held my head. Fucking log made me trip. I looked down to see what I was wearing. Why am I wearing a wedding dress? Who the fuck put a fucking dress on me? Once I find out who put the fucking dress on me, I am going to kick their fucking ass. Seriously? A fucking wedding dress? Guatafaq? Am I wedding dress model in the future?

Where is Niall? Cailin? Frida? Louis? Liam? Harry? Perrie? Zayn? Where are they? Why am I full of blood?  Why doesn't it smell like human blood? It's a different kind of blood. Like vampire. Where is Niall?! I looked around the woods to see nobody but a silhouette. Who's is it? Is it my Nialler? Is it Cailin's? Frida's? Louis's? Liam's? Harry's? Perrie's? Zayn's? Who's is it?

"Oh baby. Your precious Niall isn't here. He isn't going to save you because I killed him. I killed them."  Was that Isaac's voice? What does he mean he killed him? That he killed them? Wait... He's talking about my peeps! He killed my family? What the actual fuck? Why? This bitch is crazy as fuck.

"Isaac? Didn't I kill you?  I remembered that I burned you. What do you mean you killed him? That you killed them? Are you talking about my family?"

"Yes baby. I killed Niall and your precious family." I just know he was wearing his stupid smirk. I am going to hurt him.

"Bullshit! You didn't kill them! They can't be dead! What did you do to them?"

"Oh baby you see. I couldn't let you marry Niall so I killed him at your wedding day. That's why you are full of blood, Then your friends came in my way and I had to kill them. Sorry not sorry baby. I always get what I want."  Marry Niall? Is that why I'm in a wedding dress? So I have Niall's blood on me. I think I'm going to be sick. He killed my mate. What the actual fuck? Who the fuck does he think he is?

"You little fucker!" I tackled him on the ground since he was now in front of me. I threw punches at him. If there is one thing I'm good at besides music its fighting. I used to be the only girl in my high school's wrestling team. I got 2nd place in nationals. Joshua was the one who taught me how to defend myself. It does come in handy at times.

I'm way stronger than Isaac since I am a vampire. "Didn't I kill your sorry ass?" Didn't I kill this fucker? I remember that day because I had chosen Niall that day. One of the best days of my life if I'm honest. I also remember because it's not an everyday opportunity to burn a mother fucking vampire because humans think that vampires are just tales.

"I'm back baby. I have this magical ring that keeps me from dying." He laughed. You've got to be kidding me! Is this some The Vampire Diaries now? That's just bullshit! I want one now. Where did he get that ring. "Didn't expect that huh baby?" What he can read minds now? I thought his power was to be an asshole since he is really good at that.

"Fuck you! Where are they?" I spat punching him. I haven't stopped since I started and I know that I will be having bruises on my knuckles by the end of this but it's worth it. He will have a few months to recover from the bruises.

"Who? Your friends? They are dead baby. I already told you. Nothing compare to you and me." He laughed so evilly. It gave me the creeps. This dude is mental. Me and him? Does he think there will ever be a me and him? That will never happen. I will never go with him. I will keep fighting him until one of us is dead.

"You are nothing compared to me. You fucking asshole." I spat. To hell if he thinks I'm not going to defend myself just because Niall and the rest of my peeps are probably not stepping on earth right now. (A/N I'm listening to right now while typing this.)

"Not for long baby." He's up to something. He has a evil plan. I can feel it. What does he mean by not for long.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not going to tell you." Of course this fucker was going to play the I'm not going to tell you game on me right now.

"Fucking bastard! Give me my friends back!" I kicked him on the stomach.

"Baby they are alive. This is only a vision. This is a warning that I won't stop. I won't stop until you are mine. I will kill everybody that gets in my way. You belong with me (A/N Taylor Swift song playing in my mind.) not these dumbass vampire you call friends! They are idiots for not giving you to me when they know what I am capable of. But don't worry I will kill them. You can't always protect them." Bitch try me.

"No! Because I will protect them! I'll make sure you won't touch them with your fugly hands. Seriously dude at least put lotion on them! They cut my hands!  Now leave us alone you fucker! Stay away from me and my family or I'll make you regret bothering us in the first place."

"I'll be back baby. That's a promise!"

Everything Went Blank.


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