Chapter 9

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@HazzasUnicornCx Do you love me? You better love me!! Guys go read her book!! It's amazing!! I want her to have more reads because she really deserves them!! Comment in her or my story if you liked it!! She is an amazing writer to be amateur! Im writing this while watching insidious so if there are any mistakes I'm sorreh!! This chapter will be short.

Iris's P.O.V.

'They can drink you dry.' A voice in my head said. What the flapjacks? I don't recognize that voice. Creeper much? How did he get into me head?

'Oh baby, you don't know me but soon you will. You'll be mine.' The creepy voice said. I ain't gunna be anybody's! I ain't even mine. So I ain't gunna be his. And baby? Why the fuck is he calling me baby. I'm not his baby.

'Who are you?' I mentally asked him. He better tell me who he is if he wants to keep on being in my brain. No wait... Reword that. He just better fucking tell me who he is if he doesn't want to get hurt.

'Isaac.' He replied in my mind. Isaac? Not a bad name...

'Well Isaac, you are a creepy weirdo and most likely a pedophile.' I told him.

'You won't think that when I turn you.' Turn me? Why the fuck would he turn me? How the fuck would he turn me? Unless if he is...

'You're a vampire?'

'Of course! How else could I be in your mind.' I don't know. He can be a psychic.

'Just leave me alone!'

'Okay. At least for right now bu-' He tried to say something else, but Liam startled me. Thank you Liam.

"What are you thinking about? I cant know because you blocked me." He asked. So it actually did work? Hell yea! One point for me!

"Do you guys know a guy named Isaac?" They all looked at each other with wide eyes. So they do! Are they going to tell me anything?

"Why do you ask?" Louis answered with a question. I mentally face palmed. Why does he always do that? Why?

"I heard a creepy dude's voice in my head. He said his name's Isaac. He told me that I was going to be his and that he was going to turn me. I don't want to be his. That is just too creepy. " I explained.

"He's an enemy of ours. Probably one of the oldest vampires ever. My question is: why does he want you? Do you know why?" Harry explained. Why do I have to be dragged into their mess and lives?

"I don't know why a pedophile wants me. I mean Yea I'm sexy but that's just a whole new level of weird." Why would he ask me if I knew why he wanted me? That is the whole point I asked them.

"We are going to have to be careful." Niall warned. No shit bruh! I ain't gunna be unprotected.

"Why? Is he dangerous?" I asked. He better not be dangerous or I will kick his ass all the way to China.

"We aren't going to let him do anything to you, we promise. Right lads?" Louis promised. Sure aha... Should I believe them?

"Yea, we promise." The rest said in sync. Weirdos... That is really creepy.

"Okay. I trust you. Never thought I would say that." I told them. I actually feel safe when I'm with them. I'm not going to tell them though, that could ruin my badass reputation. I need them to still think I am a badass so that they won't treat me less or like a girly girl.

"Whatever. Somebody order some pizza!" Harry yelled. Why is he yelling if we are all in the same room as him and close to him? I cowered away from him and gave him a wtf look. He smiled sheepishly at me.

"On it!" Zayn replied. Yummy! Ima get free pizza. Hey! I'm going to get free food while I stay with these weirdos.  

"Hey umm... Where are we?" I asked.

"In London. Way deep in the woods." Liam replied. London has woods? Getting off track here. I'm in fucking England!

"What? I'm not in San Francisco? What the actual oranges?" Why couldn't we stay somewhere in the U.S.? Like New Jersey? Texas? Somewhere there. Not bloody London!

"We're sorry! We just needed to take you somewhere were nobody recognizes you if we take you out. We can't risk it." Niall explained. Of course you can't risk it. It can ruin your reputation. And that is all that you are worried about. So a huge big Fuck You! for you boys. You are suppose to be gentlemen not assholes.

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