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Vintage Daddies by storiesRrandom
Vintage Daddiesby Lost in Neverland
God took time on these snacks Be sure to check out Vintage Daddies Book 2 if you want to continue to bless your eyes!
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  • jamesdean
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Vintage Daddies Book 2 w/Ladies! by storiesRrandom
Vintage Daddies Book 2 w/Ladies!by Lost in Neverland
More meals, more snacks, even more drooling Be sure to check out Vintage Daddies if you want to bless your eyes even more! Beautiful cover by @Bella5ever ❤️ Officially a...
  • thebelmonts
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legend, EIGHTIES & NINETIES ✓ by egotistics
legend, EIGHTIES & NINETIES ✓by ❝ reine ❞
{gif series} created ; 14/08/17 completed ; 03/08/18 updates ; none best rank - #1 in #the80s
  • comedy
  • cute
  • gifseries
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Arranged Marriage  by penniebroekman1
Arranged Marriage by Penniebroekman1
******************************************* "No. I think it's a great idea. Then maybe I'll get the Queen that I was promised, not some little princess!" "...
  • newyork
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  • drugs
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The Guy Who Gave Up His Jersey by GladysVanessa
The Guy Who Gave Up His Jerseyby Gladys
For three years, Juliana has seen how her brother and his friends play the game. A game that every girl at Roosevelt High knows about. She has seen how her brother chang...
  • game
  • cliche
  • girls
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Male Face Claims by sarcastico
Male Face Claimsby Paige
The title tells you everything 😍🤤
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  • smexy
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Flaming Heart (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic)[Under Revision] by KirinChii
Flaming Heart (Diabolik Lovers 『ヅャ イ 』
[THE REVISED BOOK IS ENTITLED AS ETHEREAL EXISTENCE, PLEASE DO CHECK IT OUT !] "It doesn't matter if the flame is small nor big, as long as it gives out even the ti...
  • subaru
  • diaboliklovers
  • shu
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My Dad's Best Friend Son by asisterp
My Dad's Best Friend Sonby Rosalie Beast
Meet Alexandra Scott, a normal seventeen year old. When her dad and his friend, David has to go on a business trip, she is has to stay with the most popular and hot boy...
  • love
  • kyle
  • kendall
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XoXo To The Mafia Boss by Train-to-Wonderland
XoXo To The Mafia Bossby Train-to-Wonderland
After spending the summer in Paris with the man who stole her heart, Catalina has to drastically go back to the real world. Heartbroken Catalina never expected to fall f...
  • lovestory
  • hot
  • hotties
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Whose Mate?       || One Direction Vampire *EDITING* by _Oops___Hi_
Whose Mate? || One Betty Aguirre
What if 5 guys kidnapped you, turned out to be One Direction, and are vampires? Well guess what? That happened to the outgoing 18 year old Iris. The scary part is that t...
  • onedirectionvampire
  • fantasy
  • hotties
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Miracle Child. by TheSingingReader
Miracle TheSingingReader
An object is as strong as its weakest link, but so is a person. But then again, no one is perfect. When you're slammed into the dark streets of life at a young age what...
  • girlfriend
  • anger
  • boxing
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The Best of Wattpad by _SoIntoxicated_
The Best of Wattpadby call me lorena
You're always looking for them. You're itching to find that story, that makes you swoon; gets you yearning for the next update; makes you read it over and over again; m...
  • greatest
  • best
  • beststoriesonwattpad
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Camren Gifs  by Puglover365
Camren Gifs by Puglover365
Camren Gifs 🌚🌝❤️
  • fifthharmony
  • camila
  • camilacabello
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Living with the boys  by horses1234omglol
Living with the boys by Kim
(This book is not EDITED! It will have spelling and grammar issues! When I finish the book I will be fixing it!) "I don't know what to say alley" "Say w...
  • pain
  • new
  • finding
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Wattpad's Hotties by My_Little_Secret_
Wattpad's Hottiesby Saloni
You have read about them. You have swooned over them. You have loved them for each sweet and idiotic act they have committed. You have cried when their hearts have been...
  • writer
  • love
  • interview
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Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics  by QueenKandiee
Megan Thee Stallion Lyrics by kandiee marshall
Read the title
  • houston
  • hotties
  • lyrics
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A RED VELVET GANGSTER and A HOTTIES GANGSTER is well known as a NERDY STUDENTS and a CAMPUS HOTTIES of their school... But everything change when they knew that they hav...
  • teenfiction
  • gangster
  • nerdy
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The bff problems by Altheapark123
The bff problemsby Althea dela peña
Have you ever been in a relationship without a problem? In your life have you lived your life without a problem cause if no you are not real every person in the world ha...
  • bff
  • hotties
  • highschool
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young justice imagines ;  by lilmisssy
young justice imagines ; by pain in the ass
fluff, angst n' smut featuring • w. west • c. kent • d. grayson • b. allen • j. reyes • j. todd • g. logan • t. drake • r. harper there will be swearing in the smut and...
  • superboy
  • jamiereyes
  • beastboy
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Stallion Island 2: Jayson Alden Arcena by SofiaPHR
Stallion Island 2: Jayson Alden SofiaPHR
Two childhood enemies. One romantic island. Sino ang unang mai-in love. Published under Precious Hearts Romances. First edition 2009
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  • stallion
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