Chapter 18

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Iris's P.O.V.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock.

Somebody knocking on the front door woke me up. Why do they have to knock so hard and rapidly. Can't a girl have a day where she can wake up late? I guess I'm so used to waking up late that I can't stand waking up so early in the morning.

"Cailin! You're here!" I heard Frida yell. So this Cailin is here aye? Let's just hope she isn't a bitch.

"I see you're excited to see me." A voice said. Hmm? That voice kind of rings a bell.

"Shut up! Of course I'm excited to see you. I haven't seen you since like 2 months ago. Iris wake up! Just please don't kill me! Zayn told me what you did to him! I just want you to meet my best friend! Iris! It will be worth it! Please don't have the whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and honey syrup! I love you" Frida yelled super loud may I add. She really knows how to yell. I thought Louis was the only one.

I walked down the stairs, into the living room. There was a girl with long dark brown hair standing behind the couch. Her back was facing me. Lets make new friends!

"Oh! Iris meet my best friend Cailin. Cailin meet Iris."

"Hi! I'm Ir-" The girl turned around and I finally got a look of her face. Oh my god! She is in front of me! My cousin. The one we all thought was dead. The one I used to cry for at night because she left me. She is standing there. I'm pretty sure we both had te same face expression. Shock mixed with happiness. Then I narrowed my eyes at her. I thought she would never keep a secret from me but I guess I was wrong.

"And here is the moment where you tell me that you are cousins." I nodded.

"Yea. We are cousins."

"Iris?" Cailin asked.

"Nah foo! I'm Willy Wonka! I'm dressed like a girl so I can take a break from the Chocolate Factory. "

"You haven't changed one bit." Did she expect me to change? Does she think that people can change over night?

"Its hard for me to change." All the guys walked in. That was bad timing. Cailin had a pissed look. Uh-oh. Momma Bear mode is on! Hope there is no blood! Wait... She doesn't have the right to get mad she isn't my mom.

"What the hell? What are you doing in a house with 5 boys that are vampires? They better not be feeding off of you!" Shit! She needs a chill pill.

"Dude chill the fuck down! Go meditate or do yoga but chillax. They don't feed off of me! I probably would have kill them or something! You should know me by now to know that I don't let myself get used. Plus my boys would never do anything to hurt me! They are sweet and protective. " My boys? Meh. It works. Sweet? Protective? Where did I get that from?

"Then what the fuck are you doing here?"

"Don't start saying shit because you aren't my mom! Plus I'm 18 already! Almost 19! For fucks sake I'm not a child!" She knows better than to push my buttons.

"I'm just trying to look after you!" You've go to be kidding me! She did not just say that!

"Bullshit! Where were you these last 4 years?! I don't need you to look after me! I've been perfectly fine on my own! You don't have the right to come tell me shit after 4 years! I have taken care of myself plus my friends  are quite good enough seeing as I'm right here! Alive!"

"Long story short. We kind of kidnapped her!" Louis interrupted. That is the whole story. Why did he say long story short?

"You kind of kidnapped her! Why?" I rolled my eyes. Why does she care?

"We all had a feeling that she is our mate, so we kidnapped her to see who she belongs with." Liam kindly explained. He makes me feel like a toy or pet.

"Oh." Oh? That's all she's gunna say! Oh. She was getting mad before and right now all she can say is Oh. I shouldn't be mad right now. I'll just pretend like nothing from 7 minutes ago happened.

"What's your power Cailin?" I asked. What? I'm curious.

"I can see the future." No fucking way! That is so cool! She always said if she could have any power she would choose to see the future.

"Hey! I'm sorry to interrupt family time, but Iris you have a date with Niall today." Zayn said. Don't even remind me of the dates Zayn. What a way to ruin the moment.

"Are they making you go on dates with all of them to see who is your mate?" Frida asked. Why doesn't she sound surprised?

"Yuppers! Yesterday I went with Liam, today I go with Niall, tomorrow I go with Zayn, the day after tomorrow I go with Harry, and finally I go with Louis."

"This isn't going to end good. Either you end up falling in love with all of them or when you have chosen one there will be a huge fight." Cailin commented. I can't let that happen. Doesn't this bitch know me? She knows that I will try to change or be stubborn and go for the contrary.

"No its going to be different! We can change the future!" Or so I have been told.

"Just go get ready for your date with Niall!" Cailin ordered. She is still going to act like my mom. I just know it.

"Niall where are we going?"

"Ugh! Not this again! Somebody get some OREOS!" Louis exclaimed. Asshole. Frida and Cailin gave him a look. They don't know what happened yesterday.

"Somewhere cool. Please don't start asking like yesterday. We don't want Harry to stuff your face again. Now get dressed in something casual." Something casual again? Well here it goes! Date number 2! Wish me luck.


Double update!! Whoop whoop! Ello my Pringles!! Just wanted to tell you that Cailin is going to be played as Zendaya! Because they are both beautiful. xD well I love you guys and you guys are the best!!  Stay fresh!

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