30 (Epilogue)

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"You are not moving into this house," I say, glaring at Jordan's smug face.

"It's his house Ash," he says pointing at Derek beside me. "It's his choice not yours."

Since Brooks is moving out, Jordan thought it was a grand idea to move into Derek's house, taking Brooks' place. I've been around Jordan my whole life and knowing he's going to be here all to time makes me internally roll my eyes. Derek claims it's fine because he's gotten good at ignoring him. Me? Not so much. Jordan's my cousin, there's no escaping him.

Leaning against the kitchen counter, I sigh in defeat. "Fine," Jordan smiles. "But, only if you leave Derek and I alone when we would like to be alone."

Jordan goes to defend himself but I interrupt again.

"I know you Jordan," I say pointing at him. I hear Derek chuckle from beside me. "You like to bug people. So none of that."

On the opposite side of Brooks is Tyler who is actually very excited for Jordan to move in. Derek told me they have some type of bromance/friendship going on.

Jordan nods. "I promise." He says.

I nod in agreement. "Good."


"Yeah Mom that's totally fine," Derek says.

I watch him pace the room on the phone with his mom. It's been a few months since he's talked to her and I really pushed for him to talk it out with her. I don't want to be the reason Derek is without his mom. Just because of our stupid fight and some words thrown, there shouldn't be a reason they can't make up.

I watch Derek's nervous expression as he talks to her. He's wearing some dark jeans and his signature black T shirt that makes his arms look very nice. I haven't seen him in jeans in awhile so when he opened the door to greet me I was pleasantly surprised.

The last few months have been great. Derek and I have been very steady the last few months. It's almost the end of second semester so finals are coming up but I have good feelings about it. Since the night we said "I love you" Derek and I have been very... active, I guess you could say. That was another reason why I was worried about Jordan moving in here. His room is not too far and I just know teasing will occur with him once he moves in this summer.

"Okay mom, I love you, thank you for talking with me." He says and hangs up the phone.

He looks at me and I can't totally read his face. "So?" I offer.

He climbs toward me to my position on his bed and sighs. "It's getting there. There's still a few things that are up in the air from years past but she and I are on the same page." His blue eyes move away from mine.

I frown. I run a hand through his hair and he looks up at me. "It'll be okay, bub. I know she cares about you and you care about her so that's the only motivation you need."

He smiles. "Have I ever told you how glad I am to know you?"

I laugh. "I think so? I'm not sure, we don't talk much." I say, sarcastically.

He playfully tackles me and I shriek. Smiling up at each other I lean up to kiss him. I think back to that first moment we met. My anxious self, scared of a horror movie looking up at the stars. The necklace that hangs around my neck has actually acquired a new star. The two of us being the locked stars resembling our lasting connection with one another. The mysterious boy who made me reconsider things is now the brightest star in my life.

Yayyyy all done! This story was super enjoyable for me to do during my boring times at home. Ash has a lot of connection to me, in my own life, so it was nice for me to write it down in a different way. I apologize if there are grammar mistakes I have been trying to go through and fix some of them. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading!

If you are interested... the sequel book was something I have started to plan! I might post the first chapter sometime next week!

Here's the synopsis:

After her breakup with Brooks, Daphne decides that she isn't going to let boys run her life. She's determined to focus on school and not worry about the painful realities of heartbreak. That is until the new hockey player and Ash's cousin, Jordan Brody, becomes her partner on a history project and also moves into Derek's house. Will Daphne realize that not all love leads to heartbreak or will Jordan's persistence on his hockey career get in the way of both their happiness?

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