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Walking to my poetry class this morning I frown up at the dark sky wishing it was snow rather than rain falling from them. The hood over my head protects me from the small sprinkles of rain dripping down from the clouds. Rain is nice, but sometimes a little depressing. But to look on the bright side sometimes I think of rain as a cleanse. The rain cleans and once it stops everything is new again.

I reach the main English building and wait by the door because apparently I left a tad early today. I take out my phone and scroll mindlessly through social media awaiting my class to start.

"Ash?" A voice says and I look up.

"Josh hey!" I say. Josh is in my study group and he wants to be an author. "I'm sorry I haven't been in the study group, I've been busy."

"Busy with the hockey players?" He says a little snarky sounding. I can't tell if he's trying to be sarcastic or not.

I scrunch my eyebrows together and stare at him confused. "Uh what?"

Josh is a nice guy, but sometimes he can be kind of passive aggressive. He's always right. Or at least he claims he is. And he's never been my favorite person of the study group but I would never say that to him.

He shakes his head. "It's pretty known that Daphne and Brooks are dating. And Kambria and I saw you cheering on Derek Collins at the game."

I'm starting to get a little annoyed that he thinks I haven't been coming because my friend got a boyfriend. Not me, but Daphne. "Yes, I was at the game but what's wrong with cheering on my school." I cross my arms over my chest.

"Oh nothing," he says brushing the subject off. "Just be careful with Derek Collins, I've heard things..." he trails off.

I fight the urge to roll my eyes but ignore it and Josh all together.

But apparently he wasn't done talking. "Did you hear about the Halloween Frat party the hockey team is hosting?" Josh asks.

Once again I look at him confused. "The what?"


"Daphne, I'm not going to a frat party." I say annoyed that evening after Daphne came in claiming we are going to the Halloween Frat party.

Daphne pouts, "Oh come onnnnnn," she complains. "I know you don't like these things but it's Halloween! We are supposed to have fun. I guess I won't pressure you but I have a costume for you! Just your style I promise." She says, blue eyes shining with excitement.

I watch as she rushes to our closet and pulls out a brown, white, and black outfit set and places it on my bed. There is a white long sleeve shirt and a black over shirt that's mesh along with a tan/brown skirt and black tights. Daphne runs back to the closet and puts a set of ears on the top.

"It's a deer!" She exclaims. "And I'm a mouse see!" She says and points to the grey outfit on her bed.

I give her a look. "Daphne," I sigh. "It's cute but I don't know..." I look back at the costume and consider my options.

I could go and maybe have fun, or I could go and want to pass out because of all the people. One option is much more appealing than the other. My gaze goes back to Daphne who's awaiting my answer.

I puff out air from my nose. "Fine," I say.

"Yay!" Daphne says clapping her hands.

I interrupt her. A guilty look crosses over my face when I say this but I have to, "But only if you promise to take me home at any time."

She nods. "I promise."

Daphne and I drive to the Frat house which is about five minutes away from campus. Definitely too far for a walk but just right for a short drive. The house is already booming when we park the car across the street. My stomach starts to cramp with anxiety as I hear the loud music and voices from outside.

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