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My Childhood Friend, The Hockey Star by BlueEyedSwede
My Childhood Friend, The Hockey BlueEyedSwede
"Who's the hot girl?" Nash asked Josh before he fully looked at me and I winced. He didn't even recognize me? And he thought I was hot. Was that a good thing o...
St. Louis State of Mind by SensGirl
St. Louis State of Mindby SensGirl
You gotta do what you gotta do... Kaylynn Bradford realizes that quickly after graduation when she lands a job in St. Louis... 1000 km away from her hometown... Everythi...
Forbidden by hockeyhockeyavs
Forbiddenby hockeyhockeyavs
Jo is coming home from her freshman year of college. She's really excited because all other trips home she hardly got to see her brother. Mostly because he was on the ro...
Angels of Long Island | Mathew Barzal by ac1334
Angels of Long Island | Mathew ac1334
A New York native meets a professional athlete. It's basically love at first sight. Will she let her guard down for him? Note: teams and players owned by NHL Some ideas...
social  »  toronto maple leafs by revengingloki
social » toronto maple leafsby єνєяℓу ;)
one girl changes the lives of a hockey team starts right before the 2017-2018 season :) [warning: just some occasional language] [toronto maple leafs social media and re...
The Tales of a Professional Hockey Player by alexeboileau
The Tales of a Professional Alexandra Boileau
Almost one year has passed since Ben and Eleanor went their separate ways. She now is a published author and he is back after completing his contract. Hockey is what spl...
Famous; Mat Barzal by I_WRITE_ANYTHING
Famous; Mat Barzalby I_WRITE_ANYTHING
Riley Trotz is the daughter of the head coach for the New York Islanders, Barry Trotz. When Riley turned 18, she had been founded as a model and her popularity only went...
No Reason (Book 3) by PjWhites
No Reason (Book 3)by PjWhites
After pulling himself from a dark place, Reid Dawson returns hoping he still has a place on his team. He only lived for two things. Screwing and hockey. Never seeking fo...
NHL Imagines by gallysegsgeno
NHL Imaginesby Jill
Just a little book of imagines I've written from ideas that I've had. Feel free to comment any requests or send them to me privately if you'd like.
His Best Friend's Sister by lesetoilles
His Best Friend's Sisterby Marie
Anastasia Morales grew up with both the blessing and the burden of having her extremely overprotective brother, Alexander, always looking out for her. Now she's in junio...
No Help {REWRITTEN} by PjWhites
No Help {REWRITTEN}by PjWhites
When hockey team captain, Jace Carter, needs help to get back on the ice, he gets assigned to the best tutor at Trenton State. Problem was his first impression on Savann...
Hockey Imagines by brendan-gallagher
Hockey Imaginesby brendan gallagher
Imagines for NHL/AHL/CHL players :) Highest Ranking: #153 in Fanfiction {requests CLOSED} - Copyright @brendangally. All Rights Reserved ® 2014-2017 -
Sasquatch to the Moon by rabideraser
Sasquatch to the Moonby rabid (not medically)
Rocket's plan is simple, get traded to the Wolves, catch a crush, get over it, then maybe date someone for real. He's expecting the crush to be Fenrir, all-star player...
Off Ice. by engelix
Off engelix
"I'd give it all up for you, Avery," Finn urges. His hands are gripping onto my cheeks and I don't know why I'm letting him get so close to me or why I'm even...
My Beautiful Fairytale (BoyxBoy) by grant-is-shook
My Beautiful Fairytale (BoyxBoy)by Heck
"I passed the group, hoping to get by quickly and non-incidentally...but a particularly handsome guy caught my eye. He had beautiful platinum blonde hair, shaved a...
Forbidden Love by shortyy4lyyfee
Forbidden Loveby Shortyy
The Stolen Kisses Series - Book 2 (can be read separately.) There will be spoilers from the first book if you haven't read it first. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ella Carmichael...
Alone// Mathew Barzal by Nhlboys
Alone// Mathew Barzalby Nhlboys
New York Islanders
On the Ice (Rewriting) by Fanfam3768
On the Ice (Rewriting)by Fanfam3768
Cover by @pasteltragedies!! Its more than just skating. Kenna Foster is a 16 year old who had just moved from Colorado to Iowa. More than anything, Kenna loves to skate...