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"Okay, you know I like to breath right?" I say jokingly to Derek, releasing his lips from mine.

I came over here about an hour ago after Derek's practice and he told me and I quote, "Babe, I was on fire today. Kiss me." And he hasn't really stopped kissing me since. Not that I'm complaining. I feel like it gets more intense between us the more we see each other. But I need to breathe too.

He chuckles. "Yes I know," he says in a husky tone. He's in a good mood today. He's been a little down lately because of the whole Jordan situation and also his mom. Whenever I try to bring it up with him he brushes me off and says he wants to talk about me. I would like to hear his feelings but I decided to leave him be until he wants to talk about it.

Wear little to no clothes, only in some boxers, Derek walks over to his dresser and grabs the remote. He stays standing turning it on and picks something to watch. I smile at his concentrated expression. He does this thing with his eyes when he's focused. I notice it when he plays hockey too. His eyebrows get close and by his expression he could be doing the most difficult thing in the world. But right now, he's just choosing a show to watch.

I really want to tell him I love him. There hasn't totally been a moment where I could tell him but I can't totally hold it in for very long. I feel like he wants to say it too because a few times he's hesitated when we say goodbye or he leaves the room.

He looks over at me, blue eyes looking me up and down before he speaks. "You wanna finish All American?" He asks.

I nod. "Sure, we were getting to a good part."

He nods in agreement and brings himself, and the remote, back to his bed. I look down at the floor and grab one of his black shirts that was torn off him moments ago. I slip it over my body, which I was only wearing my underwear and a bra, and move myself back over to Derek, who gladly opens his arm for me to sit close to him. He kisses my forehead and settles in to watch the show.

After a few minutes, I realize that I'm a little thirsty so I excuse myself to go get some water. I walk down the stairs to the quiet area of the kitchen and living room. Brooks is with Daphne and Tyler had a date with his newest fling so Derek and I are home alone for a while.

I fill up a cup with water and as I make my way back upstairs the door rings. Thinking it's just Tyler or Brooks I tip toe over to the door and peek out.

My eyes widen and my jaw drops when I see who it is.

Derek's mother watches me with a confused look on her face. The door isn't all the way open so she can't see my current state of clothing just yet. Speak Ash.

"Uh hi," I say awkwardly. "Derek's mother, come in."

Opening the door to let her in, I try to hide myself as much as I can. She doesn't say anything as she waltzes in the house. Her brown eyes examine the room and then she looks back at me.

She doesn't seem impressed by my appearance. "And who might you be?" She asks curiously.

I try to pull Derek's shirt down the best I can but I'm not sure I'm doing so well. I cannot believe Derek's mother is meeting me for the first time looking like this. "I'm Ash, Derek's girlfriend." I say kindly.

Realization comes into her eyes. "Oh yes, it's nice to meet you," she says.

I smile. " It's nice to meet you too, Ms. Collins."

She scoffs. "Call me Linda. Where's Derek?" She asks.

I swallow. "Upstairs. I can go get him?" I ask, trying my best to not freak out.

She only nods, still seeming a little annoyed but is composed. I rush up the stairs and into Derek's room. The smile on Derek's face rolls off when he sees my panicked expression.

Concern fills his face. "What's wrong?" He gets up and walks over to me.

"Your mom." I choke out.

His blue eyes widen. "She's here?" He asks, shocked.

I warily nod and gesture to myself. "Not really how I thought meeting your mom for the first time would go."

He doesn't say anything back and turns serious. He looks back at me. "Let's put some clothes on and go see her."

I nod and grab my clothes while he does the same. Derek and I quietly walk out of his room and down the stairs.

Derek's mom is standing in the same place I left her and looks at us.

A small smile grows on her face. She is very pretty. Dark brown hair, close to Derek's, and brown eyes. By looking at her designer clothes, you can tell she has money to her name.

I stand nervously at Derek's side. He seems to sense my tension and grabs my hand. I sigh in relief.

"Mom," Derek says. "What are you doing here?" He asks.

"The real question is, why wouldn't I be here?" She says slightly annoyed. "I haven't seen you since the school year started Derek."

You can tell by her tone that she is not very happy with this situation. Derek has been telling me when they talk on the phone she wants him to come see her. Derek's a busy guy. He can't just drop everything and travel to Boston to see her. He always apologizes when he can't come see me but I fully understand. He never needs to always focus on me. He has a life outside of our relationship.

Derek scratches the back of his head. "Yeah, but I've told you mom. I'm busy. I can't just drop everything and come see you."

She looks at me and then back at Derek. "That's exactly why I came to see you. That way you don't have to leave."

A part of me is very uncomfortable. If Derek weren't here, I'd be scared beyond belief.

"It's kinda late mom, could I maybe come eat breakfast with you tomorrow?" Derek asks kindly. I know Derek isn't too happy with her being here but I know he loves his mom so of course he would want to catch up with her.

Once again she doesn't seem that excited. Her gaze goes back to me and this time I am properly clothed thankfully.

She crosses her arms over her chest. "Well I'm sorry to intrude. Derek I will see you in the morning. Will you be joining us?" She asks me.

"I wish I could," I apologize. "I have a nine am class tomorrow."

She nods. "That's alright, we will need to plan something before I leave. Goodnight you two." She walks over to Derek and hugs him. He releases my hand and hugs her back. She kisses his cheek.

We say goodbye again and she leaves. I released a breath I didn't realize I was holding. Derek's hand goes to caress the top of my head as he stares at the door.

I wrap my arm around his torso. "You okay?" I ask.

He looks down at me with a small smile. "Yeah I'm good."

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