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There wasn't much to tell Daphne because in truth it really wasn't much. Right now laying in my bed staring up at the ceiling my mind races. He's just some guy that's a hockey player.

I reach over to my phone and pull up Instagram. And even thought it's stupid I type in, Derek the first one that pops up is @derekcollins74 and sure enough it's him. He's got over 5,000 followers which shocks me a bit. His feed is mostly him on the ice or with his friends. No family pictures in sight. Actually nothing even back in his high school days. The first post was after his first game with the Teakwood.

Our hockey team is very good. Not just win a few games and get up there team but the team that beats everyone out. Hockey is a big deal at this school. Part of me is shocked I've never seen Derek before tonight.

Thinking back on it, I might have heard his name passed around but I never paid attention. His first post from his first game was about two years ago. Which would make him a junior either nineteen or twenty. I look back up at the follow button and hesitate but then I just say, what the heck? I hit the follow button and turn my phone off, resuming my spot facing the ceiling, only this time I close my eyes and eventually fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up early. About 7:30 am because I have an eight am poetry class. This was a class I chose to take so I could get ahead. As a freshman I could have taken it next semester or my sophomore year but I decided to just get it over with because I hate poetry. Some of it is fine but for the most part it makes no sense. So starting early and getting it over with was the best choice. Choosing an eight am might sound crazy but I like the morning better than waiting around for the afternoon. Daphne chooses it that way and it worked out well for us as roommates. So when I'm in a class she can work and vice versa.

The walk to class is quiet besides some cars and what not but I enjoy it. The English building is on the opposite side of campus and it usually takes me about ten minutes to walk there. As always the pre class anxious feelings arise but I've gotten better. I've always been okay with school. I like listening and learning and talking through things.

Choosing English as my major was a no brainier. I like to read and learn about different styles. As well as writing. I've done a few small things and always enjoy it. Oh well, and essays. Essays are fine for the most part.

My class goes pretty easy besides some frustration with understanding some of it. I took out my phone for the first time today, not even remembering that I haven't looked at it today. There are two notifications, one from my mom asking what days I'm coming home for Thanksgiving and another from Instagram: @derekcollins74 has requested to follow you.

Butterflies fill my stomach and my heart races a bit. I accepted the request allowing him to follow me and I put my phone in my back pocket and trek back to my dorm.

Daphne must have left early for her class because she is nowhere in sight when I enter the dorm. I walk over to my bed and lay back on it. I puff out a breath and close my eyes.

My phone buzzes in my pocket and I reach for it. Even though my mind went straight to Derek it's from Daphne:

Brooks invited me to hang out tonight so won't be home till late! It reads.

I type back a response: ok! Have fun!

She types back a thank you and I drop my phone back on the bed. I decide to be productive and do some homework before my math class. Yep, I had to take math. I despise math but I guess you need that to graduate or something.

I walk to math class and end up being late. I'm never late. I hate being late because it's very awkward walking in when everyone is there and then they just stare at you.

And just as I suspected, when I enter the room everyone stares. I apologize to the professor and he tells me to take a seat. He resumes the class and begins talking about geometry and other stuff I don't like.

After an hour of boring stuff I really don't think I'll need in the future I make the walk back to my dorm. I walk through the walkways and past the science building. A class looks like it just released because a bunch of people exit this one door. I keep walking until I see him.

Derek, who's looking down at his phone is walking out of the door with that group of people and doesn't seem to be paying attention to the girls behind him who are very attuned to him.

Before I know it I'm not paying attention and he bumps right into me. My eyes widen "Ash? He says looking at me.

I look up at him with wide eyes. "Oh uh hi Derek." I say with a light smile. "How are you?"

"I'm good." He says nonchalantly. He's about to say something else when a tall dark skinned boy slaps a hand on his shoulder.

"Derek! My man!" He exclaims. Derek just looks annoyed. "Are you ready for the game tomorrow?"

He looks at the guy, blue eyes full of mischief, and smirks. "Of course I am. Those assholes won't know what hit them." Derek says confidently.

"Well we're counting on you man." The guy says. And starts to walk away from us.

I look back at Derek. "Game tomorrow?" I ask.

Derek nods.

"Well good luck." I say, awkwardly.

He stays quiet for a moment but says. "Thank you. Have a good night Ash."

I smile at him and he smiles back. "You too Derek."

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