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Okkkkkk so there is one more chapter after this that will go up tomorrow! Mostly just to wrap things up and set up a possible sequel! Thanks for reading!


After the game ended, I told Derek I would meet him back at his house. It's been awhile since we've been alone together and he and I both knew that tonight we wanted to be together.

I nervously zip up my purse and sling it over my shoulder. I look over at Daphne who is fast asleep on her bed. I hope she's alright. Brooks and her have been kind of off lately and I'm not sure why. She seems to be taking it better than I expected, but I can still tell she's a little sad.

When exiting my dorm, I take a deep breath. I'm not sure why but I think that I'm ready. For sex with Derek I mean. I don't really like the word "sex", but you know, it's a little less cheesy than saying "making love". Anyways, I think I've been ready for awhile. Even back at Christmas, I think I could have but right now is it.

I feel like I've used Daphne's car way too much the last few months but she said she doesn't mind. She's glad it's being used and not sitting outside, powering down in the cold Minnesota air.

The drive over to Derek's I'm a bundle of nerves. I know I love Derek and I know I'm ready but it's just nerve racking to think about.

What if I suck? What if he doesn't like it? What if it's so awkward we can't do it again and then we break up? Ugh my stupid brain. I bet it's like this for everyone else but this stuff is annoyingly stressful.

Pulling up to Derek's house I see that both Tyler and Brooks' cars are gone. Which is a little odd but I just roll with it. I exit the car and into the cold air. It is freezing out here. I'm surprised I even made it here without crashing. It's probably like 10 degrees or less out here. I rush to the front door and right as I knock Derek opens the door.

I meet Derek's handsome face. He's only wearing a black T shirts and some grey sweatpants but he looks fantastic. I swear the best type of boys are the ones who can pull off sweatpants amazingly.

"Hi," I say lamely.

He chuckles. "Hi," he says back.

I smile up at him and he lets me in. I run my hands up and down my arms to try and get warm. Derek walks over, embracing me with his warmth and I sigh in delight.

He kisses the top of my head and I close my eyes in contentment, just enjoying being close to him after what feels like an eternity. "I missed you." He whispers.

If I wasn't so calm and happy, I might cry. I've missed him too. I got so used to being around him that it felt wrong to be without him for a while. "I missed you too." I whispered back.

After a few seconds, I look up at him and the tension between us is unmistakable. The heat in Derek's eyes is prominent and I bet I match it with my own.

He leans down to kiss me and I immediately respond. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I jump up and he grabs my legs, me wrapping them around his waist. He doesn't stop kissing me as he makes his way over to the stairs. Walking up the stairs I release his lips and kiss down his neck.

We enter Derek's room and he places me on the bed. I tug on his shirt and he immediately moves down so he's above me, kissing me tenderly. I pull his shirt over his head, him only releasing my lips to get it over his head. I start to go for his pants but he stops me.

There he goes again. As always, he releases me and looks into my eyes. My lips part and I take a deep breath.

"Ash?" He says softly and moves some of my hair behind my ear.

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