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A littleeee bit of a steamy chapter, but not too much...

I wake up the next morning to a soft nuzzle on my cheek. I brush it off because I'm still sleepy, but it doesn't stop. I groan and turn over. A low chuckle sounds from next to me. A hand comes to my hip and Derek attaches his warm lips to my exposed shoulder. My eyes are still closed but I can feel his breath and his lips move up from my shoulder to the crook of my neck. I let out a sigh.

His hand moves from its spot on my hip to my stomach and pulls me to him so my back is to his front. I've never felt like this before or even been this intimate with someone. The boys I dated in highschool, well I wouldn't really call them "boyfriends", didn't get passed kissing me before we either broke up or I panicked and broke up with them. I haven't panicked yet, which surprises and pleases me at the same time

My head falls back and leans into Derek's chest as he gets more access. His hand on my stomach doesn't totally stop moving and slowly makes its way to the hem of my sweatpants. My eyes shoot open but my body doesn't tense up. I know exactly where this could lead. I don't know how but Derek senses my apprehension and stops kissing me moving his hand from my sweatpants to my cheek and softly turns my face to look at him.

"You can always tell me to stop okay?" He says and I know he's serious by the way he locks eyes with me. "Push me off and punch me in the stomach. Anything." He says sternly but still kind and calm.

I smile and turn my body to face him and kiss him. Kissing Derek is like going home. It's warm and makes me feel safe. His hand returns to my hip and I push myself closer to him, my leg propping itself on his hip. His hand moves slowly from my hip to under my knee and pulls me tighter to him.

He pushes me back a tad and I let him. Still holding my leg, I lay my head back onto one of his soft pillows and deepen our kiss. His hands don't stop moving and neither do mine which are locked in his hair.

One of his hands flattens on my stomach and returns to its place on my sweats. He breaks away from the kiss and looks down at me. I nod. He kisses me lightly on the lips and slowly pulls the sweatpants down my legs.

I stare into his eyes while he watches his hand move back into place. He looks back at me, permission and wishes of reassurance in his eyes. I smile up at him and he pecks my lips.

No words fall between us. All I can do is feel. And once I hit that peak, I never in a million years imagined this to happen with someone like Derek.


"Hey, question?" I ask, turning my head to look at Derek who sits next to me.

He turns his head and smiles. "Hit me." He remarks.

I giggle at his remark. "Remember when I asked you about your favorite color?"

He pulls his eyebrows together, confused, but nods. "Uh yea, why?" He jokes with a chuckle.

I smile. "Well I think I know why,"

He leans close to me and smirks. "Oh do you?"

I nod. "Mhmm, it's because one you live in a place with a lot of trees and two your hockey jersey is green." I poke his chest and he throws his head back laughing.

"You're close but no," he says, still chuckling.

"Really? Then why?" I ask, curiously.

That firey gaze of his returns and he smirks at first but it turns into a smile. "Your eyes, Mayfield, they're green."

I try my best to suppress a blush but I fail. "Oh I uh-" I stumble a tad embarrassed. "Thank you," I say awkwardly.

He chuckles and leans over to kiss me. "Why don't we get some food for you?" He asks and I nod enthusiastically.

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