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Laying together on Derek's bed, out of breath and flushed, I think back to a question I wanted to ask him about the holidays.

"Hey, Derek?" I ask, lifting my head up from his bare chest.

He looks down at me, a thin line of sweat peaks out on his forehead and his blue eyes are still in a daze. He lazily smiles at me. "Yes?"

"What are you doing for Christmas?" I ask in a rushed voice. This topic is something I didn't even think of until today when I was thinking about winter break. Well, seeing as we weren't even officially together three weeks ago, I'd say I'm allowed to be a little late.

He thinks on it for a second, playing with a piece of my hair. "I'm not sure yet," he says with a frown. "My mom and her sister had this whole trip planned to Cancun during the summer and her sister just got recently married so they wanted to make it a couples trip." His frown deepens.

My eyebrows scrunch together confused. "Wait couples trip? I thought-"

His eyes don't meet mine. "She told me last week she has a new boyfriend. A friend of hers from work."

This time I raise my eyebrows. "Oh and how does that make you feel?" I ask.

He shrugs. "I've just never imagined anyone with my mom besides my dad. It's weird to think someone else is there and he isn't." His sad expression makes me sad for him. "But as long as she's happy then I'm happy."

I give him a sad sort of smile. "Have you talked to her about it?"

He shakes his head. "I didn't want to ruin something she finds happiness in. After dad died I didn't see much happiness in her unless it involved me." He says.

"Aww Derek, if it makes you that unhappy you should tell her," I amend. "She's your mom. You guys can work something out."

He shakes his head again. "I am happy for her. It's just... different."

"I understand," I say.

"Why bring up Christmas?" He asks.

Here it goes. "Well uh," I stumble on how I should ask this. "My mom called me the other day and asked when I was coming home. I've told her about you and she um..."

He smiles and slits his eyes teasingly. "She what?" He teases.

"I Uh-" I stammer.

He chuckles. "Oh come on babe you can't be nervous around me after what you just did to me." He says with a smirk. I hit him on the shoulder. "Hey!" He yelps and I laugh.

"Okay, okay, she asked if you would like to come home with me for Christmas?" I ask nervously.

We've only been dating for like three weeks. Three weeks isn't that long and I don't want to freak him out. It kind of freaks me out that a boy might be coming home to meet my parents.

He smiles but doesn't say anything, just watches me nervously wait for him to respond.

"Nothing?" I jokingly ask. I sit up and throw my hands in the air in defeat. "Well guess I've got to go home by myself," I say and start to get up from the bed but not before Derek tugs me back down on the bed. I squeal and I fall back onto the bed, him hovering over me.

He kisses me on the lips. "Of course, I'll come home with you," he says. "Better than spending Christmas here alone."

I tear my gaze away. "Are you sure? I know we've only been dating a short time and I don't want you to feel like we are moving too fast."

He shakes his head, his hair moving with the movement of his head. "I think we are just fine."

I nod and smile.

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