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You want to know how my week was? Horrible. Like awful, awful. Not in the sense of me being awful but school being awful. I was loaded with homework and on top of all that I had exams to do. Talk about over load.

After Derek and I watched the snow for a while and just enjoyed being alone together we walked back in the house and to the backyard. Derek stood very close to me and his demeanor was almost protective as we exited the back door. I walked us right up to our friends and Derek didn't even pretend nothing happened his hand circled into mine and I leaned into him.

That blonde girl, well I guess her name is Stacey, glared my direction the rest of the night. But I didn't let it bother me. I was just happy Derek was next to me.

Once we got back to the dorm, Daphne was giddy beyond belief that we both had someone and they were friends. I wouldn't say Derek and I were totally official yet but I guess it's close to that.

The hockey team had an away game in Colorado this week so I haven't seen him since the night of the bonfire. But that didn't stop him from spamming my phone every chance he got. At one point, I was in class and my phone buzzed so much that my teacher asked whoever it was to shut it off. I told him my class schedule after that.

I do really like him. He is different from any guy I have ever met and he listens to me. Which is always nice. I'm just excited for when he gets home so I can see him again. I 99% sure he thinks the same thing because he texts me saying,

Derek: I hate Colorado.

I laugh at my phone.

Me: Colorado can't be as bad as the math exam I just took lol.

He replies back a few minutes later.

Derek: Aw I'm sorry Mayfield. Math isn't important it's ok

I snort.

Me: Yeah tell that to my counselor who told me if I don't pass this class I won't graduate in four years.

Derek: Graduate, Smaduate

Me: huh??

Derek: Play on words, Mayfield, keep up.

I laugh at my phone and I hear the door open. Daphne walks in with a grim look on her face. Similar to the look I had about twenty minutes ago.

"Hey," she says, sadly and plops face first on her bed. "I miss Brooks." She complains.

I give a sad smile in her direction. "I know what you mean."

She turns her head to look at me and smiles. "Derek text you today?"

I roll my eyes. "Yep, he just told me to keep up because he thinks I didn't get his joke."

She giggles. "Brooks said they should be home Thursday. He said he'd meet me here." She says, giddy.

I smile. "Sounds good."

My phone buzzes again.

Derek: Oh so you're ignoring me now? Did I hurt your feelings with my jokes? :(

I laugh again.

Me: No I was talking to Daphne. She told me you'll be home Thursday.

Derek: Yep :) meet me at my house after the game on Friday, I want to show you something.

A confused look crosses my face.

Me: Show me what?

Derek: It's a surprise, dummy. Duh.

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