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It's the day of the Halloween hockey game for the Blazers and Daphne and I are headed there right now.

"Have you watched Brooks play before?" I ask Daphne as we near the line for tickets.

Daphne shakes her head. "Besides a few highlights on his social media, not much. Him and Derek are apparently the best players. Both could be on track to the NHL some day."

My eyes widen in amazement. "That's awesome. Does Brooks want to?"

Daphne looks at me like I'm crazy. "Are you kidding? Of course he does. It's all he talks about when he's not asking about me." She says and laughs.

I laugh too. I put my hands in my jacket pockets and push down my beanie to try and get warm. It's freezing out here. I love cold but not when my fingers want to turn blue. I'm excited for when it can snow though. The snow is always comforting and brings a peaceful atmosphere.

Daphne and I reach the ticket booth and show the clerk our IDs and we head right into our seats. We are about five rows back from the ice and the stadium seems to pile up fast. Big events like this sometimes overwhelm me but I'm doing my best to stay cool and collected, breathing in the frisk air of the ice.

The lights go out and the spotlight comes on and the crowd cheers. The announcer begins to talk,

"Welcome to the Halloween Game of the Teakwood Blazers vs. Minnesota Jaguars!"

The whole crowd erupts in cheers. Daphne and I join in yelling to the top of our lungs just like everyone around us.

The announcer calls for the Minnesota Jaguars to come onto the ice and they race out. The crowd erupts into a collective "BOO!". Daphne and I giggle and boo along with them.

"And next the Teakwood Blazerssss!"

The Blazers race on the ice and the crowd cheers once again.

"What's Brooks' number?!" I yell to Daphne over the crowd.

She looks at me and yells. "47!" She tells me, pointing to him.

Brooks in a Forward from what Daphne has explained and she also added that so is Derek. Tyler is a goalie. I watch the players warm up and skate around. I always love watching hockey players skate. The way they move is very fluid and crisp. It's jaw dropping to watch.

Daphne taps me on the shoulder. "Derek is 15!" She says and points to #15 and you can definitely tell it's Derek. He skates with a puck on his stick and he slaps it in.

After he skates away he looks at the crowd and somehow he locks eyes with me. His gaze is shaded a little by his helmet but I can see his fiery blue eyes gazing at me. And then, he winks. I just roll my eyes and then he smiles.

Throughout the whole game I watch Derek. I don't know why but he's very amazing to watch. He's incredible. He skates just the way that gives me chills and he's so slick with it.

It's the end of the second quarter and it's 1-0, Minnesota is leading. I watch as the puck flies across the ice in possession of Brooks who has a Minnesota player on him. He quickly passes to Derek who catches on a slaps the puck so quick the goalie couldn't even comprehend it.

My jaw drops and like everyone around me, Daphne and I jump up and cheer on Derek for his goal. His face looks out to the crowd and he catches my eye again. Smiling up. I smile back not knowing why he would look to me at this moment.

1-1 in the third period with not much time left. My heart races as the puck flies back and forth both teams. Each goalie has been blocking well so no goal has gone in since Derek's. Brooks and Derek have both tried for goals again with no anvil.

It's a nailbiter. The crowd watches as a Minnesota defensemen tries and hits the puck into the net but gets blocked. Derek actually quickly catches it and races back to their net and passes to Brooks who once again tries to slap in and... it goes in at the last second of the period.

The crowds erupt in excitement and the Blazers win 1-2. Daphne and I jump and hug one another in excitement. We watch and see the boys group hug and then we catch Brooks blowing Daphne and kiss and she pretends to catch it, giggling in the process.

I don't see Derek anymore. He must have skated out of the arena.

Daphne and I make our way outside so we can catch the boys when they come out. Daphne and I make small talk about the game and Halloween. About thirty minutes later the door opens and the players file out. Most of the boys walk off to their cars but then some rush to their girlfriends. Just like Brooks does.

He runs to Daphne and picks her off the ground, her giggling in the process. I smile at the gesture. He looks like he whispers something in her ear and she looks back at me.

She pulls out her keys from her purse and throws them to me. "You okay driving home?" She gives me a  look saying, Take the hint in a good way.

I nod and say goodbye and good game to Brooks and make my way to Daphne's car. I get close to her car but stop in my tracks when I hear a voice behind me,

"You stalking me again, Mayfield?"

I turn around and meet Derek who's blue eyes are full of mischief.


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