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Buttoning up my shirt, I walk into Ash's bathroom. She is currently straightening her hair and finishing her makeup. It's Christmas Eve and Ash's Aunt has an annual Christmas Eve dinner party that Ash and her family always go to. And of course, since I'm here, I get to go as well.

I look at Ash's concentrated stare in the mirror as she focuses on which piece of hair to fix next. A light smile grows on my face when her eyes find me in the mirror. She smiles and I smile back.

"Well look at you," she comments, placing her straightener down on the counter and watching me through the mirror.

She's wearing this brown oversized type sweater and black jeans with holes only on the knees. Her green eyes are made up with minimal makeup which brightens her eyes. "You look hot." I say nonchalantly and she laughs.

"Thank you," she says. She turns around and examines my attire. "I really like that green shirt on you," she compliments on my forest green button up shirt.

I walk up to her and place a kiss on her soft lips. "Thanks babe. Merry Christmas Eve."

Her whole face lights up. "Merry Christmas Eve!" She says excitedly. She then turns back around to finish her hair.

Once she's finished, I follow her to her room where she grabs her purse and puts on some brown boots and we walk down the stairs.

As we reach the end of the staircase we hear Ash's mom yell, "It's almost time to go! Be in the car in five minutes!"

The drive to Ash's Aunt's house was quiet but I hear Ash hum to the Christmas music playing on the radio. Holding onto my hand, she looks out at the window.

We pull up to a house that's pretty big from the looks of it. I gape at the size but try and keep my mouth shut.

"It's big huh?" Ash says. "I thought the same thing when I came here for the first time."

I lean into her and put an arm around her shoulders. "It is big, but," I lean in to whisper into her ear. "I think I like the guest room at your house better." I smirk when I feel her tense.

Okay, so Ash, may have snuck into the guest room the last two nights. It was all her doing. Not me. But it might have been something to do with me spaming her phone.

An embarrassed blush rises on her cheeks and she bumps her hip into mine in a playful way, communicating her annoyance.

Ash's Aunt greets us at the door and Ash introduces me. "This is my boyfriend, Derek."

Her aunt grins. "Well it's nice to finally meet you! I'm Alice! Come on in you guys don't stand out in the cold."

The house is just as big as I imagine, but cozy nonetheless. Ash leads me to the kitchen and living room while her parents follow behind us.

A girl similar height to Ash and looks almost identical to Ash's aunt runs up to us. "Ash!" She looks at me. Her eyes widened. "Derek?" She asks.

I look at Ash who shrugs. "Uh yeah that's me."

Ash puts her hand in mine and I instantly relax. The girl introduces herself as Hallie. She's Ash's cousin. I get brought around to many family members, cousins, and spouses. I'm not totally sure I remember all the names but I'm starting to recognize who belongs to who. I've never had a big family like this. My mom only has one brother and he never had kids and my dad is an only child so I've never had cousins or so many aunts and uncles.

I excuse myself from Ash, who's talking to her grandmother and Hallie to get a drink. I head to the kitchen and grab a Dr. Pepper from the assortment of drinks. I lean back against the fridge, observing the room and taking a sip of my drink.

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