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As I turned around to meet Derek, who's wearing a black hoodie, grey sweats, and a Teakwood Blazers beanie, the smirk doesn't roll off his face as I glare in his direction.

"Ha ha, very funny, but no, I came to watch the game with Daphne." I say and watch as he moves closer to me from where he was standing a second ago.

He fixes his beanie on his head which peeks out some of his dark hair. "What did you think?" He asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

My eyebrows knit together. "Of what? The game?" He nods. "Well, in that case; I enjoyed it. You are a good player."

He smiles. Not understanding what happens in my stomach as he does so, I grasp onto my bag a little tighter. "Why thank you for boosting my ego, Mayfield. I'll see you soon."

I scoff. "Uh huh, sounds good, see you later." I say and wave him off.

I get to Daphne's car which is fogged up from the cold and I unlock it. I place my bag in the passenger seat and put the key in the ignition. But when I do so, nothing. The car doesn't turn on. I start to panic and try over and over again but it's no use. I yank the keys out and exit the car grabbing my phone. I pull up Daphne's contact but decide against it. She's with Brooks and would probably much rather be there than with me in the cold. I look across the parking lot and see Derek still walking to his car.

I can't do that. I barely know him. Well, right now it's probably my only option. I hoist my purse over my shoulder and quickly walk over to Derek who nears a black Jeep.

Derek catches me walking toward him. "Forget something?" He says chuckling and I fight the urge to roll my eyes.

I bit my lip. "Um Daphne's car won't start and uh..." I stutter that out and I don't realize I haven't taken a breath in awhile.

"You need a ride?" He asks, watching me carefully. He seems to notice my unease.

Biting my lip again I frantically nod. I look down at my toes. "You don't have to, I just, there's really no one else I know, and you're here and-"

"Ash stop," he interrupts. I meet his eyes over the hood of the car and relax a bit. His calm stare reaches me. It's comforting. "It's okay. Get in the car." He says calmly.

I open the door to the passenger side and slide into the seat. Derek does the same after he puts his backpack in the back seat. He turns on the car and when the heater turns on I sigh in relief.

He chuckles. "Cold?"

I laugh. "Well duh, it's like 20 degrees outside." I say, rubbing up and down my arms to get warm.

"It's 36 but yeah it's cold." He says and then puts the car in reverse to back out.

I don't know if it's just me but watching guys drive is the most... I don't know how to describe it but it's mesmerizing. Daphne says it's hot and as Derek puts an arm on the back of my seat and looks behind as he pulls out, I see why Daphne let's Brooks drive everywhere.

Derek catches me staring and gives me an odd look. I quickly tear my gaze away and look out the window, hoping he didn't see the blush cross over my face.

"Where to?" Derek asks as he exits the parking lot.

It dawns on me that he wouldn't know where I live. "Uh the dorms, Whistle Building."

He nods and turns down the street back to the dorms.

A few minutes later he makes a wrong turn and I notice. "You missed the turn."

"I know," he says, smirking slightly.

Nervous now, I ask, "Then where are we going?"

He stops at a red light and turns to look at me. "You said you were cold right?"

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