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Waking up on Christmas morning to Derek's peacefully sleeping face was something I never imagined. Since we are older and have no little children in the house, it's nine am and I just woke up.

Derek's head lays on the pillow next to mine, his mouth is slightly open, which makes me suppress a laugh, and his arm is hanging over my waist. Originally my back was to his front but once I woke up I turned around to wake him up. Watching his eyes twitch and his mouth close, his eyes flutter open and a soft smile grows on his face.

His dark hair is all messed around from sleep but I love it. It takes no effort for him to look good, he just is. I should rephrase that and say he is good in all ways, not just his looks.

He moves his head down and wraps his arm tighter around me, making it so he is hugging me tightly to him. His lips go to my neck and he pecks his lips there. "Good morning," he whispers.

Chills run down my spine at the sound. "Good morning," I say brightly. It's Christmas Day! One of my favorite days of the year. "Are you excited to open your gift from me?" I ask.

He lifts his head and scoffs sarcastically. "Psh yeah," he says and I laugh.

A knock sounds on the door and I almost have to push Derek off me. There's nothing worse than your parents catching you in bed with a boy. And yes, I know I am an adult now but for me, it's just awkward.

Derek also seems a little embarrassed as my dad peaks in the room. A small amused smirk forms on his face and he shakes his head. "Your mother told me to wake you two up," he says. "And seeing as you were not in your room, Ash, I looked here."

A blush rises on my cheeks and my dad laughs. I look at Derek who is also smiling. They live to tease me.

Derek and I get out of bed and head downstairs to the smell of coffee and cinnamon rolls. Derek and I take a spot next to each other on the couch and we look under the tree at the gifts.

My mom walks in all smiles and is holding two mugs. "I know Ash doesn't like coffee so I made her hot chocolate," she says. "Would you like some Derek?"

Derek smiles and nods, tossing me a knowing look. "Yes, thank you." She hands us the mugs and sits next to my dad near us.

My mom sips her mug. "How did you two sleep?" She asks suggestively.

"Mom," I groan.

Derek chuckles. "We slept great," he says and then puts a hand behind my head, caressing my hair. "That bed is very comfortable." 

I do have to agree with him. The bed is even better than mine and the mattress in my room is newer.

"Good," my mom says. "I'm glad.

My mom and dad share a look and I shake my head.

"Okay!" I say. "Enough sleep talk. Presents?" I ask excitedly. I immediately get up to grab Derek's gift, that I put under the tree, and hand it to him.

He watches my excitement and chuckles. "Is it a bomb?" He asks.

"Derek," I say. "Why would I get you a bomb?"

What is it with this guy and bombs geez.

He snickers. "I'm messing with you," he teases.

I roll my eyes. "Yes we know that," I say. "Open the gift!" I say.

I hear my parents laugh from behind me. "Okay, okay," he says in defense.

He tears open the paper and opens the box. "A hockey puck?" He asks, examining it, confused.

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