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Walking to my yoga class this morning, I'm a zombie. After Derek's mom left last night, we went back up stairs and I fell asleep with my head on Derek's shoulder trying to finish our show. But as I slept I could fully fall asleep. I tossed and turned so much that at one point Derek woke up and asked me what was wrong. I'm not even sure what was wrong. I think it was just an anxiousness of his mom being here and the thought of her not liking me, scares me to death.

I love Derek with everything that I am. And just because he might not know it yet, it doesn't mean I love him any less. I can see Derek as a part of my future and if it works out that way I want his mom to like me enough to have me around. And I know I can't compare it to my family because I know my family is different than his but I'm hoping there's at least something I can do for it all to work out.

I had to stop by my dorm to change clothes and then I rushed out the door to make it on time. I decided to take this class because, well one, I needed the electives, and two I really think I needed at least one class where I could blow some steam off and try to get some relaxing techniques.

I walk into the yoga room and I see Jacklynn wave me over from the opposite side of the room. I smile at her and take a spot next to her, rolling out my borrowed mat from Daphne on the wood floor.

"Hey, how are you?" I greet.

Jacklyn smiles politely. "I'm good, how about you?"

I smile too. "Good, a nice break and holidays with my parents and Derek and now back to reality."

She chuckles. "Yeah, semester two here we come. How are you and Derek, by the way? I feel like in study group if I bring him up Josh will punch me in the face." She jokes.

I nod. "Yeah he's not very happy about me dating him but I try to tell him it's fine and Derek isn't like the guys that bullied him in highschool." I frown, I feel bad for Josh but I think if he actually talked to Derek he would change his mind. Derek is not just some jock who uses sports as a popularity contest. He committed to it and doesn't use hockey as an ego boost. "But yeah, we are good. His mom gave us a surprise visit last night so we will see how that goes." I say and let out an anxious puff of air.

She gives me an apologetic smile. "You'll be great, Ash. You're a good person. There's no reason why she shouldn't love you."

I smile fondly at her and thank her. Jacklyn was actually one of the first people I met when coming here. With her dark brown curly hair, beautiful light brown skin, and hazel eyes, she is a very kind person to have. Usually in our study group. We split up the work between Jacklyn and I and then between Josh and Kambria. Josh and Kambria are better friends and I just enjoy working with Jacklyn.

The instructor comes in a moment later and we begin class. Through the class, I realize this is exactly what I needed.


After classes and doing some homework, I sit on my bed scrolling through social media and Daphne does some homework on her bed.

"Do you think Brooks has been off to you?" Daphne asks, breaking the silence in the room.

I look over at her as her concerned expression watches me, waiting to answer. "I don't think so? What's been wrong with him?" I ask.

She shrugs. "I'm not sure, he just seems more closed off. We've always been close but lately I feel like he's been distant. Like yesterday, I asked if he wanted to grab lunch and he said he had economics homework. He's not even taking an economics class Ash." She says clearly annoyed with the situation.

I'm annoyed too. There's always been something off about Brooks that I could never place. He's a nice guy but sometimes I've been over he always looks a little suspicious.

Daphne keeps talking. "And then he was ranting all this stuff about Jordan and how he's an ass and claims he's moving into the guys house."

That part catches my attention. "Jordan? Living with Tyler, Derek, and Brooks?" I ask exasperated. "Heck no, Derek doesn't even like Jordan."

Daphne shrugs. "Well I guess him and Tyler are friends now."

My eyebrows knit together. That's weird. Jordan never told me he was even friends with anyone here. I've only talked to him a handful of times since school started again. Mostly just basic stuff but he says his roommate is cool but he hates living in the dorms and there's no way he can afford living off campus right now.

I try to amend the Brooks situation. "Maybe talk to him Daph. Maybe he's just in a rough spot and needs some space. There's always a reason just maybe see if he'll talk about it."

She nods her head solemnly. I've been so focused on Derek I feel like I haven't even seen Daphne or asked her about how things are going. Starting now I need to be a better friend. No boy should make you leave your friends.

A knock sounds on the door and I walk up to get it. I open the door to see Derek, hands in his Jean pockets and looking a little chilled in his hoodie and flannel.

He smiles and leans in to kiss me. "So," he says after releasing me. "My mom wants to have dinner with you tonight. She got a call this afternoon that she needs back tomorrow and she would like to properly meet you before she leaves."

My eyes widen. Tonight? Like right now tonight? Yes, that's what he said stupid.

I respond without sounding nervous. "Yeah, sure of course. What time?"

He considers. "Uh I think the reservation was for six and it's about four now."

I nod. "Okay, uh," I look at Daphne who is taking notes from her textbook. I move my eyes back to Derek. "You can stay here and we could just leave together in an hour or so?"

He nods and goes to sit on my bed. He says hello to Daphne and she says hello back. They chat about random stuff while I look for an outfit to wear.

I'm really hoping this goes well.

Sooooo, next chapter is the dinner... there's only about 5-6 chapters left for me to write, I think? Could be more could be less, I'm not sure yet. It's definitely almost close to being done. This chapter hints to the sequel a little bit so you might have noticed a little set up there. By the end of this it will be clear who the next story is about!

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