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The away game this week is at Michigan University and we actually did really well. We beat them 3-1.

Sitting next to Tyler, who is all excited about our win chats my ear off about this girl he met. He claims she's the one and everything.

The only thing that has been on my mind the last few days is Ash. That night when she stormed out of my car, I didn't run after her. I feel like a idiot for not doing better or talking with her.

I've been avoiding her. I left two days after that night for this away game and haven't even checked in on her. I'm a shit boyfriend. But the thought of hurting her like what happened the other night makes me want to throw up. My mom left yesterday morning and I didn't even say goodbye. I couldn't believe what she said to Ash. I told her beforehand about Ash and how great she is. I can't imagine why she would think that about Ash without even getting to know her. Hell, anyone could look at Ash and know she isn't that shallow.

"Dude are you even listening to me?" Tyler asks, amusingly annoyed at me. "This is important stuff, D."

I scoff. "You talking about your hot girlfriend is something I don't mind listening to, Ty. But when you mention what she looks like and ask me to share my thoughts? Ty I have a girlfriend."

Tyler rolls his eyes. "I know that dumbass but I need opinions."

I raise an eyebrow. "Opinions on what?" I ask, confused.

"Do you think I should take her to the lake or the campsite off Waverton?" He asks.

I roll my eyes but answer him. "Campsite off Waverton. More private."

Tyler nods, seeming satisfied with my answer. "Thanks man."

"No problem." I say.

Tyler stays glued to his phone the rest of the bus ride, most likely texting his girl. I mean, the guy's got the right idea.

I pull out my phone and text Ash. She probably is still mad at me but I might as well try.

Me: how are you?

I shoot the text and watch the text bubbles go up and down for a few seconds but then disappear.

Me: I miss you. I'm sorry.

No reply.

I sigh and put my phone away. I have to fix this somehow. Loving her is the most exciting and terrifying thing ever. I mess up a lot. I say stuff I don't mean. I get angry. But if she loves me the way I do her, I bet she doesn't even care. Flaws are a part of love. You love the flaws as much as you love the good parts of a person.

Once we get back to the school, Tyler, Brooks, and I walk over to my Jeep.

Brooks is in a weird mood. He has been for a few weeks. I'm not sure what it is but I sure as hell know I need to find out.

Brooks hops in the passenger seat with a frown on his face.

"Dude," I say. "What's up with you?"

Brooks looks over at me and I hear Tyler shift closer to us so he can listen.

Brooks sighs. "I'm leaving." He states.

"Leaving?" I ask, shocked.

He nods. "I signed a transfer to Boston College about a month ago."

"Why did you do that?" Tyler asks.

He shrugs. "They have better availability and it's also cheaper than Teakwood."

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