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A small multi POV for this chapter, I would like to do more with it but I'm still brainstorming what to write. Hmmm


The game today is a blowout. Like seriously awful. It's hard to watch. This team from Wisconsin is good. Like better than good and it sadnesses me watching Derek skate off the ice at the end of the period. 0-4. It's just a rough day I guess. After Derek left this morning, he reminded me of tonight and how he wanted me to come to the game (which he doesn't know I was already planning on doing so) and how afterwards I was to meet him at his house.

I'm not so sure he will be as happy as he thought he would be. Daphne and I glumly walk out of the arena and wait outside for the guys.

"I feel awful," Daphne says, a frown on her face.

I nod. "Me too," I agree. "Maybe it was just a bad day?" I try to make the situation better but I'm not sure it will turn out that way.

About twenty long minutes later the door opens and multiple sad faced hockey players exit the door. Brooks and Derek both walk in Daphne and I's direction, each sharing a matching look of disappointment.

Once Derek reaches me, he barely looks at me. I put a hand up and caressed his cheek and then he met my eyes. He gives me a small sad smile to which I return.

"I'm sorry," I say. "I've seen the way you guys play, it's just a rough day."

He nods but doesn't say anything. I'm not so sure hanging out after the game is still a go.

I sigh. "How about we hang out another day? I know you probably aren't up to company right now." I tear my gaze from him.

In my peripheral vision I see him shake his head. "No," he says and I look back up at him. His gaze is still sad but he's serious in what he's about to say. He then smiles. "Meet me at my house?" He says.

I smile and nod. He leans in and kisses my forehead and bounds away from me to his car.

Daphne and Brooks are smiling at one another when I walk up. Brooks sees me walk up and looks back at Daphne. "I'll see you soon, Daph." He says and gives her a quick kiss before following Derek to his car.

"Boys," Daphne says and shakes her head.

I just laugh.

I dropped Daphne back at the dorm, thanked her for allowing me to use her car and drive over to Derek's. I'm pleasantly surprised that there are no nerves running through my body. More excitement than anything. I trust Derek, I really do. He's like no one else I've ever met.

When I reach his house, a little bit of that nervous energy comes back but I try and not think about it. It's very cold and snowy out so I'm very prepared in my jacket and beanie. The walk up to his door feels like a lifetime but right as I go to knock on the door, the door opens and Derek greets me with his warm smile.

"Hi," I say lamely.

"Hey," he says back and he allows me to come inside.

The house is quiet and I wonder if anyone's home. Derek disappears from the room for a moment and returns with a beanie and a jacket. I stare at him confused, "Are we going outside?" I ask curiously. I glance at a clock on the far wall and read that it's 12:32 am.

He smirks at me and I playfully glare in his direction. He walks up to me and puts his hands on my shoulders. "Can't you just be patient?" He asks playfully.

I playfully hit his chest to where he just laughs and goes to get his car keys. "We're driving?" I say astonished.

"Ash," he warns, although amusement laces his tone.

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