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As Derek and I walked down the stairs, we didn't go unnoticed by the curious duo of Brooks and Tyler. Tyler's eyebrows shoot up as Brooks' jaw drops.

I see Derek shake his head and rolls his eyes. "Drop the eyebrows and close the mouth morons." Derek teases and they both glare at him. I just chuckle at the two boys' expressions. "We are going to breakfast." As Derek says that, both boys' eyes light up.

"Breakfast!" Tyler exclaims. "We are coming."

Derek shoots Tyler a look.

I smile and interrupt before Derek can decline them. "You guys can come." I say and Derek and I receive excited hoots and hollers from Brooks and Tyler. Boys and their food am I right?

Derek made sure I sat in the front seat and made Tyler and Brooks sit in the back, which they just teased Derek about letting his girlfriend get all the perks. That word again. We never talked about labels but I kind of just assumed we were exclusive. At least, well, I hope so. I've never been one to love labels and need to establish them. But with Derek, that topic might be a smart one to bring up. I've heard things about him in the past and I just hope this is not all some big trick.

We pull up to the diner that's close to campus and Brooks tells the lady how many, to where she takes us to a booth. This diner is very popular amongst our college students, as it's right down the street from campus and it's pretty affordable too. I bet this place loves all the attention it gets with starving college kids coming in and out everyday.

I've only been here a few times with Daphne and another few times with my study group friends. Crap. I have a meeting with them today.

We slide into the booth and as I go to sit next to Derek, Brooks beats me to it and Tyler insists on me sitting next to him. I shake my head in amusement and watch Derek as he kicks Tyler under the table.

"Ouch, hey what the hell!" Tyler cries out and we all laugh at his pained expression.

A waiter comes over and hands us our menus and I browse the options. I look up at Derek remembering my plans for today. I kicked him lightly to get his attention and his eyes shot to me. "I need to be in the English building at three today. After this could we go to your house, get my stuff, and is it okay if you drive me back?" I ask cautiously. I'm not sure why I feel so guilty when I ask people for things. Maybe it's just me.

Derek nods, without a second thought and I smile to thank him. Once the waiter returns and takes our orders we just wait for the food to arrive.

A few minutes later, Stacey, the girl that was all over Derek at the bonfire, walks over from a table to the far left of us, leaving behind Gia and Julia who I recognize from one of my classes. I cast my eyes to the table, not really understanding my sudden self consciousness.

"Hello, boys." Stacey says in a flirty voice.

Brooks seems to be doing the same thing as me and just seems uninterested. Tyler looks up and as always he smiles and says hello. I look up at Derek who watches her with uninterest as well.

Stacey doesn't seem to notice my presence and just looks at each boy like she runs the place. Her blonde hair, brown eyes, and nice body make her probably every boy's dream. I never let girls like her bother me though. I would never want to be known as someone who only gets people's attention for their looks.

"Hey Derek," Stacey calls out. Derek looks up, still holding an expression of uninterest. "You left me so early at the party, I thought we were on the way to rekindling after our summer sessions." She says in a seducing voice.

My shoulders tense. I'm not sure I like where this is going.

"Nope," Derek says, annoyance laces his tone. "Not interested."

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