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It's later that night and with Daphne gone with Brooks' and the hockey players at the sports bar, I have some time alone. Which is nice. A breather from my interesting few days. My mind drifts to Derek. It's become a normal thing for him to be on my mind lately.

Last night was probably one of the most whirlwind nights ever and then this morning... I'm not totally ready for sex yet but thinking of this morning makes my insides clench. I'm not used to this. Being with a boy that makes me comfortable enough to open up to him. It all feels too good to be true.

I spoke too soon.

My phone vibrates and I see that Daphne is calling me.

"Hey Daphne, what's up?" I ask curiously.

The loud background is enough for her to have to talk loudly into the phone. "You and Derek are together right?"

My eyebrows knit together. "Well... um..." I trail off, still not even knowing the answer myself. "It seems that way at the moment." I finish.

There's a silence on Daphne's end. After a few seconds she speaks. "I'm gonna send you something hold on. Brooks is pissed." She hangs up and I stare very confused at my phone. What's wrong? A bad feeling fills in my stomach as I await Daphne's message.

A second later a picture pops up on my phone. It's of Derek... making out with... Stacey.

Oh hell no.


Right now all I feel is anger. No sadness or remorse. Just rage growing inside me. And yes, maybe I shouldn't be so pissed off because I never brought the whole "exclusive, boyfriend, girlfriend" thing up. But it's not my fault. This is why I don't do this. This is why I never just trust my gut. But I thought I was doing the right thing.

Just be careful okay.

He's drop dead gorgeous.

Are you sleeping with him or am I?

Derek Collins, the hockey player?

I pull up to the sports bar and storm out of the car inside. The people in the bar are a blur and I see Daphne waving me over. "Where is he?" I say as calm as possible but I'm still tense.

Brooks who stands next to Daphne with his arms folded over his chest glares behind my head. Daphne points her finger behind me. I turn my head around and see Derek, who's standing against the wall. I can't read his face but from what I can tell, he looks...pissed off. A second later I see Stacey walk up to him from the direction of the bathroom.

I'm done.

I walk straight up to him. Impressed with myself that I have enough courage to walk up to him. He catches me walking up to him and his jaw drops.

"I want you, huh?" I yell over the loud room. "I trusted you!" I exclaim, tears start to fill my eyes. All Derek's expression holds is guilt. Stacey just smirks. "What the hell is wrong with you? This is exactly why I don't do this!" Tears start to fall from my eyes. I grab a cup off of a nearby table and throw the liquid in his face. Petty, but effective.

I leave before I can see him react. A sob erupts from my throat as I push through all the people. My breathing starts to get erratic and my anxiety bubbles up. No, not right now. I do my best to suppress it and once I get outside I feel much better.

I run toward Daphne's car but not before I hear a voice yelling my name. "Ash! Wait, stop." Derek yells after me.

I just keep walking. He's fast though, so he catches up to me, grabbing my arm. "Ash, stop." He states.

I twist around to look at him, yanking my arm out of his hand. "Leave me alone." I spit out, backing away from him.

"Ash, it wasn't what it looked like." He says, if I didn't know what he just did I might think he was innocent.

"Wasn't what it looked like?" I yell. "Then explain that to the picture I received from Daphne of you making out with Stacey of all people! Just today! You were calling her a bitch and telling me you didn't want her!" I can't stop crying but I'm sick of looking weak in front of him.

"If Daphne was paying attention, she would have seen me push her away," he says roughly, matching my volume. He runs his hands through his black hair, frustrated and angry.

"I don't believe you," I say in a low voice, just enough for him to hear.

His face deflates. He just stands there watching me. "So you thought last night and this morning means nothing to me?" He asks, shocked. His handsome face shines in the night sky. The anger and frustration are clear in his expression. "I've spent the last few weeks non stop thinking about you! I've never felt this way before, Ash. Ever. And you want the truth? Fine yes, I did sleep with Stacey. But it was over the summer and I didn't give her a second thought."

His confession doesn't shock me. I assumed as much. He keeps talking however.

"She came onto me, Ash. I was sulking in the back of the room because you weren't here. You know how many times in the last few weeks I have thought of ways to talk to you? Take you out? Kiss you? Too many. But that night when we left the party and you were upset? I knew I needed this to be different, I knew I cared for you more than I have for anyone else. Please Ash, you have to believe me." His blue eyes start to well up. The sadness on his face makes my tears fall even faster than before.

I just stare at him, considering my options and what I feel is right for me. My heart is telling me I feel something for him and he's telling the truth but my brain is telling me that he has a past and I'm not sure I can trust him. My mind overloads and it's too much.

"I'm sorry," I sob. Derek comes closer to me but I back away. "I'm sorry, Derek, it's too much I can't." I squeeze my eyes together and run to Daphne's car.

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