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It's the week of Halloween and our college seems to have a thing for Halloween and so much has been going on. The Teakwood Blazers have a game this coming Friday and apparently it's Halloween themed. I laughed thinking of a major college hockey team in costumes playing the game. Which I'm assuming it's not like that but funny to think about.

Of course, Daphne is making me go, but I actually was planning on it. My classes have been a bit hectic this week so I feel like I haven't had much time to socialize outside of Daphne. Usually I have a study group once a week of others who share classes with me but I've been kind of busy so didn't have time.

Currently Daphne and I are talking about her and Brooks. He's supposed to pick her up in a few minutes to go and watch the sunset at a pull off along the Mississippi River.

They've been on and off since school started and they met in their math class. I just remember back in September she used to tell me how annoying he was and here we are talking about how much he likes cars.

"Did you know he's from Colorado?" Daphne says as she grabs her purse off the hanger on our door. "His dad and grandpa played hockey so he decided to."

I smile. "That's sweet." I say. I'm laying on my stomach, computer in front of me, on our nice rug that I almost prefer than sitting on the bed.

"I like the boys' house," she says. She pulls her blonde hair back into a low ponytail and goes for the casual look. "Did you know Derek paid for it? Like all of it." She looks at me with eyes like that is the craziest sentence she's ever said.

Once I heard Derek's name I tensed up a bit. I shake my head. "I didn't know that."

"Apparently Derek's got a lot of money and wanted to get out of the dorms and Brooks was his roommate before so they asked around and Tyler had just transferred and needed somewhere to live."

"That was nice of him." I say with a small smile. She looks at me with knowing eyes. I glare at her. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"You know why," she says shaking her head.

I roll my eyes. "He's... I don't know. Not really my type." I say, shrugging my shoulder.

"Ash," she says, giving me a look. "He's everyone's type."

I scoff. "You know what I heard?" I ask, remembering this week in math class. "Gia was talking to Juliet about the game and she asked Juliet if she was still sleeping with Derek? And then Juliet thought Gia was." That makes Daphne laughs and I laugh along with her. "I am not about to be in a mess with a hockey player."

Daphne goes on to talk about her professor who keeps giving her class a crap ton of homework and then Brooks knocks on the door leaving me alone in the dorm a few minutes later.

My assignments are pretty low now that I've got caught up but I'm still stuck on my poetry final that's due at the end of the semester. I have to pick a poet and pick a poem that resonates with me and write a five page paper on the poet and how the poem resonates with me as well as how it did with the author. Not awful but poems don't resonate with me all too well. But I guess I'll finish it eventually.

My phone rings next to me and I see my mom who's calling.

"Hey sweetie!" She greets.

I smile. "Hey mom! How's it going?" I ask. I haven't talked to my mom all week and I definitely was missing it.

"Oh all is well. Your dad's been yelling at the TV again over the Wild's season." She says amused. The Wild's are the NHL team here in Minnesota and every season since I was born it's been on in our house.

I chuckle. "I bet. Hey so I never gave you an answer on Thanksgiving did I?"

"Yes, no you didn't. When would you like to?" She asks.

I think it through. "Finals start the week after Thanksgiving so I'd need to be back at least by Sunday so maybe I'll fly the Sunday before Thanksgiving?"

"Sounds great honey!" She says excitedly. "How's school going? Any new friends? A boy perhaps?"

I roll my eyes but smile. "No, no boy, but yeah friends are good. Daphne started dating that hockey player I was telling you about. And I've kept up with the people in my study group who seem just as busy with stuff as me." I say.

"Oh that's awesome for Daphne. Make sure to be on the lookout honey. I bet your father would die if you brought home a hockey player home." She says laughing.

I laugh with her. "In a good way or a bad way?" I giggle at the thought.

"Honestly, I have no idea." She says laughing again. "Could be both ways honey."

I smile. The only thing that sucked about me leaving for college was my parents. I love them and miss them of course.

"Alright mom I better finish this assignment and I might watch a show or something." I say looking back at my assignments.

"Okay Ash. Love you!" She says.

"Love you too!" I say. "Say hello and pass an 'I love you' to dad as well!"

"Will do honey, have a good week!" She says.

"Thank you, you too!" I say and then hang up my phone and place it on the floor.

I got up off the floor about an hour later. And got ready for bed. It's only eight o'clock when I look at my phone again and I laugh. Life of the party I am. But it's a Wednesday night. I have class in the morning.

I open Instagram and catch up on some stuff. As I'm looking through new posts I see a post from Derek. It's of him, Brooks, and Tyler on their couch. It's a selfie of them in a very boyish fashion with no caption. I pull up the comments and well... it's full of girls who go to our college.


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