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I think this has to be my favorite chapter so far. So if anyone ever reads this, I thought you should know :)

Ugh! Math is so stupid!" I groan out loud.

Daphne looks up from her notebook, sitting on her bed and raises an eyebrow. "You okay there?"

I glare down at my math notes. "No, I hate math, and mid terms."

"I hear you, Ash." Daphne agrees.

I've been stuck on this stupid geometry stuff all afternoon and can't seem to get it. I could seriously throw the book onto the floor and be happy about it. I'm studying to be an English teacher, not some scientist who's gonna cure cancer.

"You're coming to the boys house tonight right?" Daphne asks, taking me out of my vendetta against geometry.

I shrug. "I guess so," I don't meet Daphne's eyes because if I do, I know she'll catch me and think something's up.

She hasn't asked about the other night and I'm glad. I was not about to tell her how I threw up and cried in front of the boy I like. Okay, yes, I do like him. It's different than just a crush though. I have a connection to him that I can't understand. It's not like I'm going to tell him or anything, I'm just seeing where these feelings fit.

My phone buzzes under my leg and I go to check it.

Derek: Bonfire? Remember? Come. Please?

I catch myself smiling down at it but stop because I see Daphne staring. "What are you smiling at?" She asks, suspiciously.

I shake my head and quickly say, "Nothing."

"It is definitely not nothing," she says, rolling her eyes. "Is it Derek?"

My head pops up and I raise my eyebrows. "How did you-"

"Brooks told me," she says smiling. "Derek came home late yesterday afternoon and asked where he was. He said he was out and Brooks accused him of being with you and he didn't deny it."

I try to hide my accusing face. "It's nothing, he's just nice and gave me a ride that's all."

She gives me a look. "Uh huh sure."

I shake my head and look down at my phone to text Derek back.

Me: I'm not sure.

Derek: Ugh, live a little, Mayfield. You can study later.

I roll my eyes.

Me: Fine, I'll come with Daphne.

Derek: Sweet


Daphne and I walk out the backyard door and we see about probably fifteen hockey players and some girls sprinkled in. I see Brooks and Tyler pushing each other by the fire in a teasing way. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them got close to falling in.

I look around the group of people in search of Derek. But when I find him, my smile droops off my face. I see Derek sitting on a lawn chair and a tall blonde in a tight black dress sitting on the arm rest, very close, and a flirty smile displayed on her lips.

I frown and drop my head to my feet. Daphne traces my gaze and grabs my arm, pulling me away from Derek and to Brooks and Tyler.

"Hey baby," Brooks greets and pulls Daphne in for a hug. "Hey Ash! Nice to see you!" He smiles.

I try my best to smile back. "Hi Brooks." I greet.

"Ash!" Tyler exclaims. He gets to my side and puts an arm around my shoulder. I fight the urge to look at Derek who isn't that far away. And from my peripheral vision I can slightly see that the blonde girl is still next to him.

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