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Every Little Secret | BTS ♡

Every Little Secret | BTS ♡

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ℬutterfℓy 🦋 By Taelynie Updated May 18

Ever curious of the hidden secrets behind Bangtan Boys' suicide attempts? But even so, are you ready to delve into their dark and heartbroken pasts?
  ❝You could've just told me and I'll stop searching for her! For five fucking years!❞ - Min Yoongi
  ❝I can't take this life anymore. I feel so empty. I hate this feeling!❞ - Jeon Jungkook 
  ❝I missed you so much. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.. ❞ - Park Jimin
  ❝You don't understand! The pain is killing me!❞ - Jung Hoseok
  ❝But that's the truth! I'm a fucking loser and I don't deserve her!❞ - Kim Namjoon
  ❝What am I here for anyway? No one really took notice of my presence.❞ - Kim Seokjin
  And when it comes to the most heartbroken and traumatic boy..
  ❝I can never smile again, because I feel guilty of my past - tainted by the images of her, with full of blood.❞ - Kim Taehyung
Despite all the struggles, all the heartbreaks, all the excruciating pains, Kim Jinhee was there for the boys - guiding, healing, helping and strengthen them to forget about their past and creating a path for the boys to achieve their big dreams.
In the meantime, Kim Jinhee herself was having an inner struggle with her escapism from the grasp of President Kim Jong Pil, her lovely father.
❝You should protect me from the devil itself - my father, because he's starting to control me like a puppet again!❞ - Kim Jinhee
✧Fanfiction #22 ✧

**(This book is continuous, skipping chapters mean you'll miss a lot of things. You've been warned.)
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  ღ "Each hidden stories of Bangtan boys made me cry. Hope my heart can handle it. This fanfic is really amazing!" - Aejayroocks
  ღ "I never cried so much when I read other stories. This is the most touching story I've ever read. I fall in love more with this story." - Qeelah_S

PomDal95 PomDal95 Apr 20
And please update ASAP i wanna know what will happen to Jinhee
I think I cri again. author-nim, why are you always make me cry? ㅠ_ㅠ poor our Jinhee, it's must hurt her a lot when she found out the ugly truth about all of this. can't wait for the next one, keep it up author-nim and don't stress yourself again. ;)
                              Much love from,
                              Qeelah_SH ♥
-taaelien- -taaelien- Apr 17
@xPotatos I've read this story. Damm  I love it. Read it rn. Btw to all the people starting to read. You are going to love it. If you dare to leave this book I swear, you'll regret it.
READ_Asheya READ_Asheya May 07
Who was the girl playing as Jinhee? I know it was supposed to be me (you) but who was the girl in the trailer?
                              Pls someone tell me
YuukiLydia YuukiLydia Mar 04
Daebak!! It cool trailer!
                              Author nim can you update plllsssss🙏🙏🙏
Qeelah_SH Qeelah_SH Feb 28
daebak! It look so real. Wish they made a movie for it. lmao! keep it up! ;D