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Sugar daddy || Book 1 by Miasiyer
Sugar daddy || Book 1by Mia
When a sugar daddy turns into a softie~ Taking the sugar daddy concept and turning it into a fluff <3 "From now on, whenever I call for you, you'll come to me. I...
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DAECHWITA by pinkwolf10
DAECHWITAby pinkwolf10
"i only looked up, and now i want to look down and put my feet on the ground," Choi Jangmi, like the rest of the kingdom, only fears one person. The Emperor. W...
Kitty - BTS ( Yoongi ) by VioletHoney
Kitty - BTS ( Yoongi )by VioletHoney
A cat-human hybrid in need of a home decides to follow BTS to their dorm. Warning: will probably contain smut will definitely contain family problems and abandonment
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Adopted by suga by hope1299
Adopted by sugaby kk.slays
"You were worth saving."~suga Elijah is 6 years old.he had terrible life.he is mute because of it until one day a famous Korean rapper saved him. Will he make...
rain | myg by sugapaste
rain | mygby ❀ suga corner ❀
in which a girl hands min yoongi an umbrella [lowercase intended] social media au name insert fluff, fluff and soft yoongi swearing lol read with network connection; co...
Fields of Gold by AmandaAcheron
Fields of Goldby Amanda Acheron
"Can you really live with this man for six months falling in love with him on the daily and be ok when he packs up to go home and you don't go with him?" Five...
Our Kitten and Bunny | BTS x YoonKook by NurulisYoonie
Our Kitten and Bunny | BTS x NurulisYoonie
BTS x YoonKook [COMPLETED] "I'm a bunny. You are?" - JungKook "I'm... ummm... I'm a kitten..." - YoonGi "We'll keep this as our secret. Promise...
Sober | myg. by silverspoongi
Sober | m ;
"The only thing between me and another bottle is you." START - 180206 FINISH - 180420 Highest #164 in Fanfiction completed.
Abandoned ll BTS AS CHILDREN! by jinsleftasscheek
Abandoned ll BTS AS CHILDREN!by jins left ass cheek
Y/N's gets hired to babysit BTS while their parents go away for a weekend getaway, only they are gone much longer for a weekend. Started- 6.11.18
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I Loved You Before || MYG ✔ by VictoryIsMe
I Loved You Before || MYG ✔by Sammie
Min Yoongi is a Kpop Idol and a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan or more popularly known as BTS. He is a rapper, songwriter, producer and full time Hyung to his five younger...
Baby (BTS x Little Reader One Shot Stories) by WhatTheBTS
Baby (BTS x Little Reader One WhatTheBTS?!
*Uses female pronouns, sorry if that's an issue*
I Fell In Love With A Ghost (A Min Yoongi Ff).               #LOVEYOURSELFAWARDS by Ifancynancy
I Fell In Love With A Ghost (A Ifancynancy
[COMPLETED] ✓ #BreakTheSilenceAwards2020 "He's dead.." (27 Chapters) You are a retired stylist from Bighit and decided to go to America for a few years after t...
The Stipper • YoonMin • 18+🖤 by xo_ipurpleyou_ox
The Stipper • YoonMin • 18+🖤by xo_ipurpleyou_ox
bodyguard ✵ knjxmyg by tkmitchy
bodyguard ✵ knjxmygby bear
kim namjoon gets selected out of hundreds to become the new bodyguard for the famous and grumpy idol min yoongi. namjoon thinks it's going to be a piece of cake, but tha...
Kim family by fc123735
Kim familyby Lil meow meow
Eomma Jin and appa Namjoon family Random short stories of domestic family BTS Mostly teen Yoongi centric until now Angst and fluff Around okt-nov 2018 #1 In domestic
Dominating The Dom by liliesforkirari
Dominating The Domby liliesforkirari
"I bet I could out-dom the dom." "Oh really? Prove it." "Is that a challenge, Min Yoongi? Because if it is... Challenge accepted."
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people // m.yg by rosesonherbody
people // m.ygby jay 🐐
"Tomorrow, don't wear panties." myg x yn a story about a succesful rapper and a new assistant at big hit ent. smut...?
Seven Deadly Sins (BTS AU) by AnnieRoseAgustin
Seven Deadly Sins (BTS AU)by Yoongity
Who knew sins could be so intriguing?
❝ suga daddy ❞ .myg by boorachaii
❝ suga daddy ❞ .mygby だってばよ
In which a girl met someone who looks exactly like her ex-fuck buddy in high school and babysits his 4-year old son.
"idiot" | taekook twitter au by yoonieepie
"idiot" | taekook twitter auby nixy.
♡preview: "bro, you're in love." jeongguk didn't reply for a few seconds. love? i love him? since when? ~~~ ♡kim taehyung has a youtube channel with his besti...
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