Living With The Carter Family

Living With The Carter Family

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A/N- I apologize in advance for this being awful, I was 11 when I wrote this and I am going to rewrite soon. If you like this then awesome, if not, I don't blame you either. 

"What do you mean I have to live I New York?!"

"Honey, your grandma is very sick and we have to fly out to Canada for her but we don't have enough money to take you with us, so my very good friend Maddie offered for you to live with her in Ny but...

"But what mom? What's the catch?"

"She has five boys"

"What?!" As if my life couldn't get any worse, I have to live with 5 hormonal boys


Samantha Scott was just your average sixteen year old girl. NOT. She is a tomboy/ bad girl with a bad past that she is unwilling to talk about. 

But what happens when her mother leaves her with her best friend who has five boys?

Will her secret be revealed? Or will she remain the broken girl that she used to be?

This story is filled with drama, sad stories, and events that might tick you off

  • abandonment
  • drama
  • romance
maria_mx maria_mx Apr 16, 2017
Flip. You made me realise Easter holidays end in 2 days.... DAMN IT
maria_mx maria_mx Apr 16, 2017
I'm probably the shortest here, 4'10 (don't judge I'm 11 alright?😂)
Sarcastic_Spongebob Sarcastic_Spongebob Aug 06, 2016
My reaction would have been, "Two days?! FÜCK MY LIFE😲😲😲😵😵😵"
giselle10290 giselle10290 Oct 17, 2016
This chapter was soooooo Good 😊 I'm going to be reading the rest of your stories
Rainiey_Forever Rainiey_Forever Aug 14, 2016
:this is his sister: I blushed like 10 times in this first chapter MORE BLUSHING TO COME XI
anaveragewriter123 anaveragewriter123 Jan 27, 2017
I'm like 5'9 and there's only a few males taller than me the rest are literally like 5'5 but my friend dear god she's literally almost 6 foot